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Mar 9, 2008 02:02 PM

37th ave, JAckson Heights

Looking for some fun food on 37th. ave. Can anybody give me their two favorites?. We love all kinds of stuff, Street food, Thai, Indian,Mexican ,Vietnamese ,Chinese, What stands out?

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  1. who doesn't love fun? :)

    well, 37th, in the '70s, at least, is pretty bereft of street food. i'd highly recommend stopping into maharaja sweets between 73rd and 74th for a chat (i'm a big pani puri fan) or a dosa. and get some spiced cashews for the road. heading up the road, deshi biryani -- a sitdown -- serves up some incredible bangladeshi food (@ 76 st) at good prices. you can stop for a glass of wine and a snack at novo if that's part of your plan (@78th st) and, in the low '80s, check out picada azuaya for some excellent ecuadorian. not sure if it's still there -- it's always had odd hours -- but up that way, inti raymi did serve some great peruvian meals.

    perhaps someone else has better notions for the 82nd to junction blvd stretch?

    1. I love Rajbhog Sweets & Snacks on 37th btwn. 72 and 73 - but it's not the sweets that do it for me there (well, they might but I haven't really tried them) -- it's the wonderful mix of different dishes they offer up every day on their very busy (so nothing sits around long) steam table and their chaats. So. Tasty.