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Mar 9, 2008 01:54 PM

Cleveland recs, please

Will be staying at the Renaissance Hotel for a few intense days of meetings and need a few places within walkable distance for breakfest, lunch or dinner. I'd even appreciate any place that delivers to the crowd isn't particularly adventurous. I searched the boards for recommendations but links were a few years old.

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  1. If you get on the rapid transit and take the Green or Blue line up to Shaker Square you will find a good selection. Fire is a very fine choice, if you have an interest in Hungarian there is Balaton. One block North on Larchmere you will find a couple of good choices. Flying Crane, a small bakery/ Udon noodle house is a unique choice, fresh and with attention to detail, it is on 130th and Larchmere.

    1. downtown places are lola (iron chef michael symon's place) and while you probably won't get in for dinner, they have a nice lunch. you can check out last minute cancellations on open table. other actual downtown spots are crop, johnny's downtown, and osteria. all good but pricey. wonderbar is new but supposedly fun (haven't personally been). don't know off hand what's walkable - 2 years away and i forget specific locations already - but nothing in cleveland is far. cabs are easy.
      the food in this town is great. in addition to shaker square you can easily head to tremont or ohio city. both close by in city neighborhoods with great choices. in tremont - lolita, tremont tap house, parallax, farenheit. in ohio city - bar cento, great lakes brewing company (should try the great local beers somewhere while in town if not here) and nearby the velvet tango room - best cocktails ever.

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        i'd add prosperity social club to the tremont list. if you and your group want to go out for casual drinks and great bar food, then i'd recommend this place.

      2. Alladin's may deliver-nice healthy food --

        1. Blue Point Grill isn't far at W. 6 and St. Clair. Waterstreet Grill on W. 9 for breakfast, lunch or drinks. Take a cab to Parallax in Tremont--worth it! Metropolitan for lunch or dinner, W. 6th You aren't far from the Ritz and their restaurant, either.

          1. Lola is walking distance or take a cab to Lolita (small plates) -both are SUPERB by Cleveland's own iron chef. (These are my first 99 choices)

            Easy cab ride accross the river to Bar Cento for best thin crust authentic Italian style pizza and small plates, outstanding wine list. You'll think you're in the West Village except that the prices are better.

            Fire in Shaker Square is always good.

            Momocho in Ohio City for authentic interior Mexican (not Tex Mex) - surprizing find this far north

            If you get to University Circle area (don't miss the knights in arms exhibit at the art museum or take in the world class symphony orchestra ) make a reservation at Sérgio's for eclectic international seafood in a beautiful townhouse.

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              East 4th has Lola as the others mention. Johnny's Downtown is good too for group dinner out. You will want to reserve at both places probably - even in Cleveland.

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                Quit razzin' on Cleveland, jeez! It's a great and very liveable city, with an amazing array of restaurants, and, best of all, generally lacks the snob scene of many other cities!

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                  why yes just like anywhere you would want to reserve at two extremely popular restaurants.


                  JOHNNIES ON FULTON in ohio city is great too if you want a clubby old school vibe and great food. a longtime favorite for sure.

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                    There is a Bice restaurant in Tower City Center, to which the Renaissance is connected. I ate there last year and found it to be good.