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Mar 9, 2008 01:52 PM

Important brunch criteria

I will be meeting my half sister for the very first time in Manhattan next Saturday. This is a joyful occasion between two middle aged women, one of which, up until last week didn't know the other existed! She's coming from SFO and I from Toronto. We're staying at theTribeca Grand. Can someone make a brunch reco? We want upscale, elegant(ish), quiet(ish) with space between tables for a modicum of privacy and great food where we can make a reservation. No standing in line to wait please, as our time together is very limited.


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  1. I will highly recommend Eleven Madison Park for such an exciting and happy occasion! Everything from food, decor, ambiance, to service is excellent, and you will have plenty of space for your own table without being too close to the next. The interior is elegant and in the morning/afternnon with sunlight beaming in, it is gorgeous. The atmosphere is very civilized so no worry about being too noisy. You can make reservation at

    By the way, there is a buffet brunch at Tribeca Grand hotel. DO NOT go. It was absolutely horrible and one of my worst dining experiences in NYC.

    Congratulations for your union with with your sister! Sounds like a very special occasion and I hope you have a great time!

    1. Hey, GRobin,

      Regulars here know that EMP is our favorite NYC restaurant, so I firmly echo kobe's suggestion. She has described it perfectly. I will add one recommendation. Skip past the breakfast items. Not that they're bad. Far from it. But they are relatively ordinary. What sets EMP apart is the exquisite cuisine of Chef Daniel Humm, and that is available on the lunch side of the menu.

      This truly is a momentous event in both your lives, and I sincerely hope it goes well. :-)

      1. I haven't been for brunch (only dinner), but Wallse has brunch available on weekends. Perry Street and Fleur de Sel also serve lunch on the weekends. I believe Perry St. has some brunch options whereas FdS is just a straightforward lunch.

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          GRobin specifically mentions wanting a restaurant that has nicely-spaced tables. While I adore Fleur de Sel, tables are fairly close and certainly much closer than at EMP.

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            Thank you all. I love EMP for dinner and didn't know they did brunch. EMP it is!

            Very nervous...but looking forward to the adventure.