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Mar 9, 2008 01:51 PM

28806 Asheville - small plate menu, yummm!

I'd heard (here?) that 28806 was trying out some different things so we went last night. They've divided menu into Vegetables(including salads), Starches, Proteins and Desserts and all small plate offerings ranging from $4.50-10.00. I loved my seared scallops w/ lemon and a bite of the grilled lamb chops left me wanting more. The stuffed poblano was pleasantly hot and it was good to wash it down w/ a sip of beer. Our friends ordered a couple of different items and everyone seemed pretty pleased, though the potato risotto wasn't exactly what was expected as it was more cubed potatoes.
Wasn't too impressed w/ the dessert offerings as we had an apple crisp which was a miniscule portion w/ strawberry ice cream. As always the bread was great and the lemon ginger martinis are awesome...basically this is the only place (other than Limones) when I'll venture away from a Cab or Merlot for a mixed drink.

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  1. Already planning my annual summer treks to Asheville and was curious if 28806 has already relocated to its new downtown location?

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      no, they are a long way off. They are now saying May but I think it'll be June or later...you know how these construction things go.