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Dosa with coconut chutney

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does anyone know of a place that serves a really good version of dosa with coconut chutney?
thanks in advance!

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  1. Bombay Mahal in Waltham is known for its dosa and I think the dosa at Tanjore in Harvard Square is excellent. Both come with coconut chutney.

    1. Mysore veggie in Lowell is quite good....may not be the best location per se

      Another thread to check out (I havent been though

      1. Masala Dosa at Khushboo in Lexington Center is very good, as is the uttapam. Good deal at $6.95.

        1. I haven't tried dosa at a lot of places as it is a relatively recent menu item for me, but I really like the version at Kashish in Belmont. My only complaint is that the dish of coconut chutney always runs out before the dosa does.

          1. I'm a longtime fan of the dosai and coconut chutney at Rangoli in Allston. According to other posts, the same group also owns Tanjore and Bhindi Bazaar.

            1. Diva in Davis Square has a great mysore masala dosa. Go for dinner -- the "dosas" they serve on the lunch buffet are taquito-sized.

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                Namaskar in Davis also serves a range of Dosa, not sure if they do the coconut chutney with them, but they should, right?

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                  namaskar has a whole section of south indian dishes including numerous kinds of dosa & they do have delish coconut chutney to go with. sometimes they even bring you mini dosas at their buffet. i recently tried a paneer dosa at namaskar which had the regular potato-veggie filling but also had big chunks of paneer in them. their mysore is good & way hot ! cafe of india also has a dosa station at their buffet on weekends (harvard sq)