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Mar 9, 2008 01:25 PM

Boulud show visits Miami [moved from Florida board]

MOJO HD’s show “After Hours with Daniel” returns with new episodes featuring chef Daniel Boulud (of New York City’s Daniel and Bar Boulud) collaborating with chefs in Miami and New Orleans. On the series, Boulud visits with host chefs early in the day to prepare a special meal, which is later served to all the chefs plus invited food writers and local celebrities. Restaurants and host chefs from South Florida include Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink with Michael Schwartz; Ortanique on the Mile with Cindy Hutson; The Lido at The Standard Miami with Mark Zeitouni; Michy’s with Michelle Bernstein; and Sardinia Restaurant with Pietro Vardeu. Curried whole yellow tail snapper with West Indian pumpkin and local spiny lobster; rabbit braised with leeks; and whole roasted pig with Mojo sauce are just a few of the dishes that will be featured. Look for “After Hours with Daniel” on Sunday, March 16 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.


Unfortunately, I don't think this channel is on Directv. Please post back if you watch.

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    1. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

      These have been running for awhile now. I posted about it here but it was moved to Food Media & News.

      I have all the episodes on my DVR. I was a fan of the show already, but I really enjoyed seeing the Miami episodes. Cool insight to the local scene, chefs, and cuisine. Word is that Daniel Boulud is opening a place here sometime in the next year or so.

      1. re: Blind Mind

        Yes but the third season just became available on Hulu. Directv and certain cable subscribers have been unable to watch the show until now. That is why I posted the link. This really should remain on th Florida Board longer since that is where the most interest will be

        1. re: The Chowfather AKA sobe

          i disagree, Boulud is a New York chef and the show is really about him, the locations he shoots at are secondary.

          1. re: attractivekid

            Boulud is a French chef who has restaurants in the US. The show has him visit various areas of the country to discuss the cuisine, local ingredients, and atmosphere with athletes, celebrities, and local players in the restaurant industry after the restaurant shuts down. The resident chef and Daniel collaborate on a meal.

            I can understand putting this on either board, however, I think the intent of this particular post was to drum up conversation about the Miami episodes with members of the Florida board who may have seen the episodes and possibly visited.

            1. re: attractivekid

              attractive, I agree that this is the correct board for this topic. However, I was attempting to bring the show to the attention of the Miami/South Florida Board since half of season 3 was shot there and features local chefs and restaurants. I don't know how many people actually check out the media board.