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Mar 9, 2008 01:21 PM

Gold Coast Buffet, LV

I was surprised by their lunch menu and price of only $8 bucks for slotclub members.... while it wasn't anything spectacular, it did fill the tummy, salads were good, fresh fruit, pizza was good, and they had all you can eat popcorn shrimp, the taco bar looked like it needed some fresher meat, but the dessert bar looked nice. no prime rib, I guess they save that for the dinner crowd...

Overall, I enjoyed it, for the price and the fact that it is considered a "locals" casino, even though it is across from the PALMS on flamingo... I will be back, I also enjoy GC' sister casino SAMS TOWN, The Orleans also, but have yet to try The Orleans buffet.

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  1. i think you'll like the orleans buffet more...but i think it costs a few $$$ more than the gold coast ...

    1. I think you like the GC buffet more than me but it is surely better than the Palms buffet, which seems to be a disaster, and notably worse than before it was remodeled. I haven't had the Orleans buffet for a while, but I thought it was comparable to slightly better than the GC's.

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      1. re: Dave Feldman

        We prefer the Gold Coast's breakfast buffet to the Orleans, but both benefit when the customer count is high.

        1. re: westie

          We also enjoy the Gold Coast for breakfast. I mean where else can you have taco's and Chinese food for breakfast! It sure isn't gourmet food, but for the price in isn't gross. I think Sunday is around $12 or $13 for the brunch, however, I have been during the week and I don't think the items change that much.