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Mar 9, 2008 01:16 PM

Kosher take out in New Canaan CT?

I've looked wistfully at the carryout menus in ads by Garelick & Herbs in Greenwich, which is haute Jewish but not kosher. Finally I called, and the manager told me that their New Canaan store has the ability to do kosher prepared food with a day's notice or two. Has anyone tried this? Would love your feedback.

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  1. I gotta think Stamford is a better option, but I have no experience with G&H to know for sure.

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    1. re: DeisCane

      G&H is in Greenwich, New Canaan & Westport. As far as I know, the only kosher food in Stamford is at a few bakeries, the JCC, & the Stop & Shop - please correct me if I'm wrong! By the way, which is the best of the bakeries?

      1. re: zatar

        stamford has a kosher rst in the JCC as well as a kosher bakery. G&H is NOT KOSHER!

        1. re: simster1

          I would guess that telling you that they can 'do' kosher food with advance notice means that they'll prepare food that doesn't have any non-kosher ingredients (as far as they know) in the same pots and stoves as the non-kosher food. I really doubt that it means that they'll either bring in kosher food from an outside source, or kasher their utensils, let alone get supervision.