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Mar 9, 2008 10:32 AM

House of Kabob on Harford Road in Parkville

I'm surprised that I have not been able to find anything on the Chowhound boards about the House of Kabob on Harford Rd. in Parkville. My neighbor has been telling me that I should try it - he has been there once and thought the food was pretty good and he especially enjoyed a desert that was a Persian type of ice cream. I got takeout from here last week and the beef shish-kebobs were very tasty as well as the grilled vegetables and rice. I noticed that they have a simple but attractive dining room. I'm probably going to head there today for the lunch buffet - I'll let you know what we think of it.

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  1. I got take out from there last year...lamb and sabzi and it was very good. The night I went the place was hopping...a memorial buffet for someone that had died. I lived in Iran for a few years as a kid, so was interested to see what they had...I haven't been back, not for any particular reason, just haven't!

    1. House of Kabob once saved us on Thanksgiving, a couple years back when our original choice for takeout (Mount Everest!) ended up being closed for the holiday. Being vegetarian pretty severely limits my options there, but my meat-eating boyfriend is much happier there than I am. I love their fessenjan (sans the chicken for me) and the kashk batamjan (brutalizing the spellings, sorry!) is great. Their lunch buffet is a nice way to try a bit of everything.

      I've found the service to occasionally be a little strange (as in: one guy (who may not even be there anymore, I don't know) is a little overly familiar, chatty, and just kind of gives me the creeps? I don't know a nice way of putting it...).

      With other local favorites around (Mount Everest has come back, for example, and that reminds me that I REALLY NEED to get you all out there by posting a glorious review), House of Kabob has sort of fallen off our radar.

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        Can you elaborate on Mount Everest? I ordered delivery from there once and was very disappointed. The delivery was over 90 minutes LATE (I think we ordered at 7:30 and it arrived at around 10:00). The food was pretty good but not nearly as good as Indian Delight in Catonsville where I used to get my Indian fix.

        I was really hoping to find a good Indian take out place in the Lauraville area since I recently moved to there.

        So, Mount Everest is worth a second chance?

        1. re: tapas gal

          Hmm... was this a recent Mount Everest disappointment? They just reopened in Parkville (near K-Mart and Salvo Auto Parts) and, going back to a few years ago when they were at Kitchen of India's current location, I've never had a bad experience with them. But... I've never had delivery. We either eat there or run by and pick it up.

          I really need to write up a real review, but HECK YES I would give them a second chance. The awesomest thing about their rebirth is that now they serve South Indian dishes... not having to drive to Columbia or the DC suburbs for a dosa-fix is priceless, and the servers and managers are just lovely people.

          When Mount Everest went away, Indian Delight was our go-to place until Kitchen of India came along. Now I don't see us being able to go anywhere but Mount Everest, such is our massive love for them.

          1. re: Tempestuous

            Sounds like I need to give it another go... I am not sure where the location is (as it was delivered) - but it was about 8 months ago, so it could have easily been before their moving. I'll let you know!

            1. re: Tempestuous

              I was at the shopping center near K-Mart when they were about to open Mount Everest and I was wondering if they were good. Do they have a big sign outside that says that they have a buffet? We will have to give them a try - we are big fans of Indian food and Kitchen of India.

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                My Fiance and I just had dinner at Mt Everest on Belair Rd this evening and I thank you very much Tempestuous for the recomendation. We had a vegetable sampler plate as an appetizer and then had chicken tika masala and a lamb dish with vegetables as our entres. The food was terrific. The decor is very nice (the whole restaurant is newly renovated) and the Staff were just the sweetest and most helpful people I have seen. We will definately go back again (I don't think we will break our Kitchen of India habit) and possibly try the buffet so that we sample lots of different dishes since I am not really too familiar with South Indian and Nepalese dishes. I will leave the honors of starting a thread about Mt Everest to you Tempestuous unless we don't hear back from you about them in the next few months - then I'll probably give them a more formal review and plug.

          2. I am sorry that I am writing this a week late - my Fiancé and I had the buffet at House of Kabob on Sunday after noon and both enjoyed it a great deal. We have had Persian food before - Iranian at a lunch buffet in Towson at Orchard Market and found it to be somewhat similar. In a way Iranian food seems similar to Indian - rice seemed to be a staple and many of the items at the buffet go along with the rice although there are not as many sauce-based dishes and the food is spiced more moderately then Indian. There were two types of rice - saffron and another with what looked like green peppers mixed in with it. There were chicken legs that were grilled a couple of different ways, grilled beef and vegetables and other dishes which were not as easy to identify such as one that was creamy and was spinach based- it almost looked like a Indian dish that I can't think of the name for. There was a soup that was very good that was a broth with chickpeas in it. There was also a basic lettuce salad with parmishon cheese on it. There was a salad that I really liked that looked like potato salad and had tuna mixed in. I'm sorry I can't describe the food a little better, I think I'll have to eat there again sometime soon to have a better recollection and familiarity with their food. The service was good and all of the people we encountered who worked at the restaurant were very pleasant. I also liked the décor – it was neat and well done with an exotic Middle East feel to it. The price of the buffet varies - it is $9.50 per person T-F and on Sundays it is $12.50 per person. I would definitely recommend you try them.

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              We had the buffet at the House of Kabob last night based on the reviews in this thread and we both thought that none of it was good! I like trying different foods and normally like most things that I try but this was just nasty!! I even tried the yogurt soda and thought that tasted like Mylanta. However, I guess they need that stuff to settle their stomachs whatwith all the unappealing food they eat.

              1. re: lrebetsky0423

                I agree with Whitemarsh John and wonder if perhaps Persian food perhaps isn't to your taste.