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Mar 21, 2002 09:20 PM

Decorated cookies?

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Does anyone know where I can find small, decorated, good tasting cookies somewhere in Orange County or the LA area? I am willing to travel if they are really great. I am looking for cookies in a cute shape like a flower, strawberry, etc (but no Easter shapes). I want to wrap them individually in small boxes as a party favor at a bridal shower. I am looking for something similar to Eleni's cookies in NY, but smaller. Thanks in advance for everyone's help! If you would like to check out Eleni's Cookies to see what I am talking about, click the link below.


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  1. There is a national company called Cookies By Design that have local stores. They deliver cookie bouquets that are quite beautiful and tasty. They will also sell indivdiual cookies. They are not cheap (we considered doing them as wedding favors, but the cost was prohibitive for 150 people). Looks like they have a shop in Brea. Check out the website below.


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      torta basilica

      There is a place in Irvine - Cookie Creations @ 4250 Barranca Pkway, ph: (949) 857-9267. They do very cute decorated cookies - not sure if they do small ones, but they might. Don't know how they taste - they're too cute to eat & stale by the time they get thrown out!

      1. Clementine, a top-flight breakfast/lunch/bakery spot in Century City, has exquisite iced and decorated cookies in the style of those shown on the Eleni website. They are not small, however, and currently they are in seasonally-appropriate Easter designs (the designs change regularly). Clementine does catering and special orders, though, so you may be interested in calling them to find out if they'll make a batch to suit your requirements. I highly recommend them; they have become extremely popular but have maintained their quality and great customer service. If you choose to check them out in person, I suggest you time your visit so you can have lunch there--their sandwiches are among the best I've ever had.

        Owner-Chef: Annie Miler
        1751 Ensley Ave
        (just off "big" Santa Monica Blvd)
        Century City
        (310) 552-1080


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          wow i'm a dog

          Well...there's always the old-fashioned way: do it yourself! You could use a simple sugar cookie recipe and buy the cookie cutters from the fantasic Sur La Table ( or from Martha (she has Baby Shower Cookie Cutters for $46 - stork, onesie, handprint, baby bottle,rubber-duck shapes in 3'' to 5 1/2'' sizes - and Miniature Butterfly Cutters for $24 - and lots of other kinds - and a Cookie Decorating Kit for $48). It *might* make a fun activity to do with a friend or relative...

          Or you could just give away the individually-wrapped cookie cutters with a sugar cookie recipe. Just some thoughts!

          If you do end up buying them from one of the places mentioned here, could you post your experience? I LOVE the looks of Eleni's cookies and it would be great to find them here locally in Southern California.


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            I thought about making them myself, but the problem is that while the things I make taste good, they never look very pretty. I am a little messy in the kitchen... Therefore, I think I am better off just buying them since I want them to look nice. If I find anything good I'll post my experience. Thanks again, everyone, for all of your help!

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