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Mar 9, 2008 09:40 AM

Beer Bistro - March 8/08 - A review

This was my second visit to Beer Bistro, the first time during Winterlicious. I loved it the first time (even though we were at the "chef's table" off to the side) so my bf and i decided to go try it again last night.

It was quite packed, even though it was BLIZZARDING last night (oh i do love my Canadian winters) so that was a good sign.

To start, we both ordered a drink. he had the St. Ambroise beer (tastes like raspberries and came in a nice box) and I had a draught beer, the Durham Hops Addict. i liked it. it had a nice banana-y after taste which i thought was interesting.

For the appetizer, we had the cheese fondue to share and I remembered someone saying on this board that you can ask for a granny smith apple, so i did and i'm glad! they were happy to help with that request. it was so tasty; the combination of the tart apple and the saltiness of the cheese. my only complaint was that the candle didnt seem to do much! lol the cheese would get cooler as we went, so it was kind of solid by the end.

we also had the frites. still yummy like last time. mmm. even better was dipping the fries into the cheese.

for the main, we shared the Belgian White mussels (we wanted to try some of the other flavours offered during Mussel Fest only, but the description for the Belgian White sounded too good). i LOVE garlic so this dish was PERFECT. (plus you dont need to worry about garlic breath when both people have it...ha ha). all the shells had mussels in them and none were closed so that was good. (i hate it when i get closed shells. i feel ripped off). the broth was so yummy, perfect for dunking.

we were both stuffed at this point so we said no to desserts.

i was just wondering, has anyone had the suckling pig yet? (the saturday feature). and how is the beer icecream and sorbets?

overall, i think Beer Bistro is moving up my list as a favourite for a cozy, unpretentious place to go for dinner.

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  1. Nice review, pink. Thanks for sharing it. I've had the suckling pig a few times and it's always juicy, tender and flavourful. They do it different ways, not necessarily the same every Saturday. I can't recall which sides I've had with it but they're usually good too. My only complaint is that they skew towards rich starches (potatoes, polenta, beans, etc.) and away from greens with most of the mains. Though they are always happy to give me an order of greens on the side. I do that sometimes or else order the bistro salad to start since it's got lots of nice dark greens, beets and other good-for-your stuff that also tastes good.

    How did you enjoy the chef's table? It's my favorite spot since the noise level is lowest there and it's fun to interact with the kitchen staff. But your opening comment suggests you preferred being in the main room?

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      I liked being at the chefs table because i got to look into the kitchen and see everything as its being made and stuff, but i love being in the main room because im a sucker for people watching (and i do love the atmosphere of the room).

      and thanks for the suckling pig advice. i can never get enough rich starches so i think i will def try it next time.