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Mar 9, 2008 09:21 AM

Looking for great coffee on UWS that matches the village in taste

I live on the UWS and go to school in the village. There are about 4 places in the village that rival each other in great taste in both coffee and especially espresso drinks(JOE's, Doma, Grounds). I have not found one place up where I live on the UWS that even comes close. :( Is there one?

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  1. bouchon bakery has a nice cup of coffee. but i haven't really found anything that matches up with the village coffee places. i also like the Fairway Cafe coffee for breakfast on weekends. But overall, i haven't found a great place yet.

    1. I really liked the regular coffee at Arte Around the Corner. For only $1.50 it was a very flavorful and robust coffee that satisfied my MUD cravings. Since they've revamped into a wine bar/coffee shop, I'm not certain if the quality has remained, but it is worth trying.

      1. Bruno Ravioli has really good cappucino.