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Mar 21, 2002 06:31 PM

Big Bear, Lake Arrowhead?

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Will be lunching in Big Bear and in Lake Arrowhead in next couple of days. A search revealed ZIP. Any favorites? Am also posting on general CA board.

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  1. Unless your staying at APPLES B&B, which does a great breakfast take your own food. I've never had decent restaurant food up there, ever.

    1. I've deleted your identical posting on the California board. Multiple board postings fragment the discussion (among other problems), so we don't permit them (sorry about that...I hope you get some great advice though, and wish you a highly delicious lunch!).

      I would've deleted this one and left your inquiry over there, but I see Russkar's already replied here.

      1. I know people who have eaten at Cliffhanger and like it. Its right on the 18 and it is literally on a cliff. If its a clear day there is a nice view.

        I was up there are few weeks ago and ate at Lake Arrowhead Village at Woody's Boathouse (I think that was the name). The inside is done in boat decor, some of the booths are even boats. I had a burger which was good. I know some friends of mine always get crab cakes. We also got the appetizer sampler which was huge, the food was good, not anything spectacular. They have a big salad bar there, but it was mostly mayonaise mixed salads the day I was there.

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          Cliffhanger is now closed. Just drove by it the other day and saw a sign out front.

        2. In sixteen years of weekend residence in Crestline and roaming far and wide, good food encounters happened on one hand - once or twice at an overly pretentious Italian (weekends only) restaurant on Lake Gregory lake front - reservations only even if you walked in and the place was empty. The Cliffhanger was good a couple of times at least when a Greek guy owned it. Otherwise Woody's in Lake Arrowhead was habitually awful. Now the Elks on Hiway 18 was an OK dinner stop with steak and baked as was the Sterling Steak house also on Lake Gregory - no atmosphere but a delicious Ball steak. There was a Czech place in Running Springs but all the food was pre prepared and frozen. And a German place or so in Big Bear. Now on the way in San Bernardino coming up Waterton is a great Mexican Acapulco Seafood place. Otherwise the blankness of fine eating in the Inland Empire overwhelms.

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            torta basilica

            There is a cute little French Continental restaurant in Fawnskin, but I can't think of the name. Menu & wine list looked good, but I had a group of Girl Scouts with me & it was a bit out of the budget...