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Mar 9, 2008 08:34 AM

buying a milk frother

My old one has died, and was wondering if anyone knows where to purchase a good quality one.
Merci :)

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  1. i rmbr seeing a nice one at williams sonoma during christmas.

    1. I bought mine at Zellers for less than $10. I'm sure it's not the best quality out there, but it's holding up so far.

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      1. re: cheesymama

        I got mine at Restoration Hardware in Bayview Village shopping plaza (Bayview and Sheppard) a couple of years ago (for about $20, if I recall correctly), and have never had any problems with it. It comes with a stand to hold it and, with its clean lines, the entire assembly looks pretty good as well. But check to make sure the store still carries the product. Some product lines tend to come and go at that store.

      2. I saw one at Chapters for about $24. It looks top notch!