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Bake sale, no conventional oven, help..

I need to take something to a bake sale, and have recently moved into a home with only a GE Advantium Oven. I really don't know how to use this oven that well, yet. I'll save that for another thread.
I was thinking of taking Rice Krispie Treats, drizzled with chocolate, and decorated for St.Patrick's Day, and wrapped in individual packages. I've done this before, but forgot what chocolate I used to drizzle them with so the chocolate didn't smear when wrapped? Any suggestions for that? Or any other suggestions for a bake sale item I do not need to actually bake? Thank you in advance. (I need to make this on the 13th., Wed.)

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  1. Read the owners manual...You've got 5 days to learn/practice!

    Have Fun!

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      You sound just like MY Uncle Bob! Yes, that is what I should do, but this week is kind of full. But you are right, I've got to learn how to work with this!

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        Ha! Ha! Ha! But I am your Favor-rite Uncle Bob!!

        You're a sweetheart! Love your name. Gotta be a Southern Lady with two names..... Miss Mary Carol

        Get Cookin...er Microwaving!

    2. How about some version on 'no-bake cookies'. We used to call them Raggedy Robins. Quick cooking oats, cocoa, sugar, butter.....peanut butter if desired. These can be made in a saucepan on the stovetop.

      1. Lest we not forget the Haystacks, remember them? Made with chow mein noodles...here's an example of a recipe, there are variations out there:


        Maybe you could also do popcorn balls?

        1. In "Great Cookies," Carole Walter has a recipe for Peanut Butter Balls that don't require and oven, just a stovetop. They're a bit fussy to make, but well worth it.

          I found a recipe online:


          You'll have to scroll about halfway down to find it.

          I made these a couple of months ago and posted about them here:


          1. In response to the first paragraph--is your Advantium 110 or 220 volt? If it's 110, it will have a button on the front that says "BAKE/BROIL." Punch that button, select "convection bake," et voila--you have a regular convection oven. It's my understanding that the 220 models lack this feature.

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              It is a 220, and I don't have that feature, but thank you!

            2. You can bake scones on a griddle (see the scone thread that is current), In fact many flat breads were traditionally baked on griddles or hot flat stones over a fire. And Navajo fry bread is cooked in oil in a skillet. And if you "bake" something in a hot skillet with a lid on it, you create an oven-lie effect. But scones would by my choice. Navajo fry bread or donuts my second choice.

              1. If you want to go with your idea of making rice krispie treats, you can drizzle them with melted chocolate chips. Let them cool/harden before cutting & wrapping. I love to bake "fancy stuff", but when I ran our church's bake sale last year rice krispie treats were the first to sell!
                Also, do you have a microwave? I've got a recipe for delicious-but-stupid-easy peanut brittle that is made in the microwave. I'll post it if you're interested.

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                  Anne--Yes, Could you please post your recipe for the easy microwave peanut brittle. My father-in-law loves peanut brittle, but I have never tackled it before, and this oven is a microwave also. TIA---mary

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                    Here's the link to the recipe for microwave nut brittle:
                    Remember to use a 2 QUART (8 cup) container. For easiest clean-up (the most time-consuming part of this recipe!), fill the container with water and microwave about 10 minutes to soften the remainders of the sugar mixture, pour out, then wash in warm, soapy water.

                2. Thank you ALL for your suggestions and links! I will try some of these, and I appreciate your time and help. mary

                  1. How about chocolate covered pretzel rods? You could use milk or semisweet chocolate and then drizzle them with white chocolate, or dress them up with sprinkles, nuts, finely chopped cookies, etc.

                    1. Or you could mix some choco chips into the Rice Krispies mixture, rather than melting and drizzling on top. A big spoonful of peanut butter mixed into the marshmallow mixture is also good, but be sure to label the squares, for the sake of folks with allergies.