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Mar 9, 2008 08:23 AM

Bake sale, no conventional oven, help..

I need to take something to a bake sale, and have recently moved into a home with only a GE Advantium Oven. I really don't know how to use this oven that well, yet. I'll save that for another thread.
I was thinking of taking Rice Krispie Treats, drizzled with chocolate, and decorated for St.Patrick's Day, and wrapped in individual packages. I've done this before, but forgot what chocolate I used to drizzle them with so the chocolate didn't smear when wrapped? Any suggestions for that? Or any other suggestions for a bake sale item I do not need to actually bake? Thank you in advance. (I need to make this on the 13th., Wed.)

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  1. Read the owners manual...You've got 5 days to learn/practice!

    Have Fun!

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      You sound just like MY Uncle Bob! Yes, that is what I should do, but this week is kind of full. But you are right, I've got to learn how to work with this!

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        Ha! Ha! Ha! But I am your Favor-rite Uncle Bob!!

        You're a sweetheart! Love your name. Gotta be a Southern Lady with two names..... Miss Mary Carol

        Get Microwaving!

    2. How about some version on 'no-bake cookies'. We used to call them Raggedy Robins. Quick cooking oats, cocoa, sugar, butter.....peanut butter if desired. These can be made in a saucepan on the stovetop.

      1. Lest we not forget the Haystacks, remember them? Made with chow mein's an example of a recipe, there are variations out there:

        Maybe you could also do popcorn balls?

        1. In "Great Cookies," Carole Walter has a recipe for Peanut Butter Balls that don't require and oven, just a stovetop. They're a bit fussy to make, but well worth it.

          I found a recipe online:

          You'll have to scroll about halfway down to find it.

          I made these a couple of months ago and posted about them here:

          1. In response to the first paragraph--is your Advantium 110 or 220 volt? If it's 110, it will have a button on the front that says "BAKE/BROIL." Punch that button, select "convection bake," et voila--you have a regular convection oven. It's my understanding that the 220 models lack this feature.

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              It is a 220, and I don't have that feature, but thank you!