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Mar 9, 2008 08:03 AM

The New Stanley's in Providence

The new Stanley's burgers near RI Hospital. Is it open yet? Has anyone been to it? Any info?

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  1. I work around the block, and nope it's not open. I've been waiting on that and the downcity Farmstead. Stanley's is hiring and they have their sign up though. Co-workers have a pool going on to see which of the new restaurants (farmstead, stanley's, the roadhouse that was Big Fish) will open first.

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    1. re: Jenz

      what? big fish closed???? nnoooooooo!!!!

      1. re: Jenz

        There's a Farmstead coming to downcity? Wherabouts?

        1. re: Jenz

          Great pool... I wonder which will open first.

          I see Stanley's (when they *finally* open) being a huge hit there (especially in the future when Brown and their students) start to move into the Jewelry District (Brown now owns many of the surrounding mill and factory buildings). The Roadhouse BBQ place is probably a better fit for that neighborhood than seafood, but I'm somewhat skeptical still... I haven't met many people saying, "Boy, we need another BBQ place around."

          Given the quality of Farmstead in Wayland Square, I think that a branch downtown is an instant hit as well. Is it going to be a retail branch, restaurant, or both?

          - Garris

          PS: Gotta love RI. Can anyone else think of cities where restaurants can open branches that are less than five minutes from their mother businesses? Blaze on Thayer and Hope, Rasoi and Kabob, and now Farmstead. Amazing... G-d bless Providence.

          1. re: Garris

            Seven Stars altho not quite so close (Hope & Broadway).

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              LOL Good point about RI, where it's said that people pack a lunch for trips from Providence to South County.

              Here's another one: Geoff's on Benefit, Geoff's on Thayer. Three minutes by car? I could really go for a "The Juggs" right about now, plus some of those pickles.

          2. Well I was at Farmstead on Wayland Saturday and was told that their downcity location is opening on 4/8. It's going to be tinier than their current location, and will carry domestic cheeses only as well as some sandwiches.

            Still no word on Stanley's, although the sign is now on at night.

            1. Just ate at Farmstead Downcity which opened today. I would have to say it was one of the best sandwiches I have had in a long time. Spicy Pig, which consisted of roasted porchetta, tasso, baboo mustard, bread and butter pickles etc... Nice menu of sandwiches and Cheese Matt tells me that there will be more goodies to come as they take off the training wheels. Also, If you havent checked out take a look, lots of local chef's talking about their favorite places, foodies paradise.

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              1. re: burningtoast

                Are they a bit disorganized or what? I just got this in an e-mail dated 4/16 from Farmstead:

                Pssst.....hey, guess what? Farmstead is happy and excited to announce that in preparation for our newest location opening Downcity-'Farmstead Lunch'- we have decided to offer you the same tempting selection of pre-made sandwiches, lovingly prepared foods, special lunch boxes and Farmstead take away foods.

                Come on by our Wayland Square shop and indulge for lunch. White bean, fava and spring pea salad? Spicy sauteed green beans with bacon? Or just a house roasted turkey sandwich on honey wheat to go?...whatever your luncheon pleasure, our mongers are eager to please.

                Although our new endeavor Downcity- 'Farmstead Lunch' is not quite open yet, we urge you to come taste a preview of what is to come on Westminster Street. Opening day is not far away, and you'll be the first to know!

                1. re: JaneRI

                  Jane - they aren't disorganized. Just had some problems with the city. They opened for one day and had to close. They should open again very soon! Trust me, its worth the wait!

              2. Stanley's is apparently open today - I just had a herd of co-workers run off there before I even had a chance to place an order with them.
                I was at La Laiterie on Friday night and was told they hope to open really soon. They're getting a lot of run around from the city apparently. Shocker! I'm hoping to try out their lunch menu at Wayland Sq next week.

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