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Mar 21, 2002 11:13 AM

Korean, Armenian and Vietnamese recs.?

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I know this seems a handful of requests but I'm actually moving this question over from the the General Topic Board, where Thi N. defended Los Angeles as the premier Chowhounding city and touted, especially, our offerings in these cuisines.

I'd love everyone and anyone to answer, though of course I'm hoping Thi N. weighs in, too.
What are your favorite Korean, Armenian and Vietnamese restaurants. I live in Santa Monica but distance is no obstacle.
Looking forward to trying them --

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  1. My favorite for Armenian is Zanku Chicken. Actually, it is Armenian/Lebanese. But still it is fantastic. It rivals Versille for the best chicken in town.

    1. Sorry, in a hurry. I'm just recalling stuff I've written about on the boards before - if you do a search on the front page for "Los Angeles" and then the name of the restaurant, you'll find longer posts I and other people have made about these.


      in Little Saigon - Brodard's, Tay Ho, Thanh My. Have been dissatisfied about every pho place I've been to recc'd by others, still searching.


      in East Hollywood - Sahag's Basturma. Carousel (which is OK, and not as good, nearly, as Helena's. Though, in the same complex is an enormously exciting looking other kebab-type place with a big grill outside. I keep meaning to go. Anybody been?)
      in Glendale - Helena's.


      in Koreatown - Chung Kih Wah, Soot Bull Jeep, Beverly Soontofu and a Soontofu place across the street that I can't remember the name of at the moment but wrote about recently. I used to think the best naengymon was at Ham Hung, but it's been displaced by Chung Kih Wah's.


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        so kong dong is the place across from beverly (both of which have great soondooboo). so kong dong has a new branch out on 6th and alexandria which conveniently is open 24 hours. chosun bbq (on olympic & western) is good, though a bit pricey. naengmyun - don't know the names of the places, but there is a good place on the corner of alexandria and wilshire (in a pink plaza) and another on olympic and serrano (plaza has a yellow sign.). jajangmyun - in koreatown plaza (western & james k wood) koreanized chinese restaurant on the ground floor (not inside the food court).

        pho so 1 in reseda on sherman way.

        unfortunately there aren't any good korean or vietnamese places on the westside ~

      2. Korean--Chosun Galbi, Yongsusan, Woo Lae Oak (for bbq & cold noodles only), Gamja Bawi in Koreatown Plaza food court, "deli" section in the Galleria Market, Elephant Snack for cold noodles (spicy version), all in Koreatown. Buga in Garden Grove.

        Armenian--Pita Pita in Pasadena, Carousel in Glendale.

        1. My favorite place in K-town for bbq is the 2nd floor of Dae Sung Oak (2585 W Olympic Blvd, a couple blocks east of Vermont). Food's fresh, restaurant is clean and bright, and a nice array of ban-chan (side dishes) including spicy pickled crab. I think it's better than Chosun Galbi or Chung Kiwa for bbq (though Chung Kiwa's other offerings are excellent).

          For casual eats, Nak Won on the corner of Vermont and Wilshire has great food, but really awful service.

          And when you're in a pinch, there are the 24-hour places - Hodori (Olympic and Vermont, next door to Nak Won), Jinju Gomtang (Western north of Wilshire) and BCD Soon Tofu (Wilshire and Kingsley).