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Mar 9, 2008 06:27 AM

VERY bad experience at Egg

called up Egg yesterday to see how crowded it would be in light of the NY times mention-- was told to get there right at 6 and there should not be a problem. We did-- only to discover that they apparantly ARE now taking reservations but had neglected to tell us. They blithely told us to come back in 2 hours. We had a small child with us and it was raining. We left. Never again.

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  1. jlix
    That's terrible! I'm assuming yes, but I'll ask anyway: Did you tell them in detail of your conversation the previous day? Shame on them for not trying to be more helpful!

    It's too late to help this time, but going forward, I advise you to ALWAYS get the name of the person with whom you speak and note the time and date. I've encountered the "missing" reservation several, make that, numerous times and I've found that being able to say, "I called at (_____ on ____and spoke with________" somehow seems to 'legitimize' that the call actually took place. Once, that didn't even work, so I asked to speak with the Mgr, who, it turned out, was the person with whom I had spoken. He apologized for his error in not having written down the reservation and seated us within 5 minutes.
    You shouldn't have to go through all of that, but it's helpful.

    1. Does that qualify as a very bad experience? It's very much a drag, but not enough to keep me away if the food is great. (I haven't been yet, but want to try it.) My impression is that this place isn't so much about the service (and sometimes accidents like this happen - perhaps a lunch server answered who doesn't work at night?), although I'm impressed their reservations were booked up at 6PM. I also can't blame them for some of the conditions that made the mix-up worse for you.

      But seriously, this place is that good that at 6PM it's booked solid?

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      1. re: dark knight

        it's good food, and for the area it's one of the best. waits of over an hour at brunch are common, so i can imagine dinner being similarly besieged. the service really is slow/harried, too, which exacerbates things. on our last visit, even though we lucked into a table right away it was still 15 minutes before we got menus.

        1. re: wleatherette

          dark knight
          As always, you are the voice of calm reason :-} I understand what you're saying, but it definitely qualifies as a 'bad experience' just not a bad meal.
          I've eaten there 2x. I cannot really see what all the fuss is about. the food is ok, but not at all that great. I'm not saying they could have seated the OP but they could have been a little nicer about they way they handled the situation. The fact that the OP called and was told to come at 6 but was not told she had to make a reservation for 6 is like asking someone if they know what time it is and having the other person say"Yes" w/o actually giving the time. While it may not have been the fault of the person with whom the OP spoke with when she arrived, it's a team effort and the person should have made some sort of effort to come up with a better response than "Come back in 2 hrs" especially when she saw a young child and the poor weather conditions. My sympathy is with the OP on this one.

          1. re: Tay

            My sympathy is definitely with jlix as well if he/she got caught in that crazy wind/rain storm that hit Williamsburg Saturday night! :)

            I guess I just expect service to be bad at place like this.

            You have to admit though the story seems a little unusual that they were booked up with reservations at 6 but coming back at 8 would be okay?

            1. re: dark knight

              Idark knight
              can relate. It was no picnic dodging branches/tree limbs and trash covers that were hurdling through thr air like giant frisbees. And then there was the whole torrential downpour, thing. Still and all, could have been worse. Could have been SNOW!
              I forgot: You're a DiFarai-te, you are resigned to bad service :-} j/k.
              I don't think the story sounds unusual, I think the story sounds just plain mean spirited on the part of the staff person who blew her off.
              The Staffer saw the child and knew that they weren't coming back at 8, which is why she suggested they come back at all. Had they come back, they wouldn't have been seated until something became available anyway and who knows when that would have been? It would have beeen better to have sincerely apologized from the get go and to have told them that they were fully booked for the evening. It's not so much that they couldn't seat them as the way they informed them. People in the City tend to be either really nice or really nasty.Not much middle ground.The staffer just didn't care.
              Her time will come...
              .Lennon was right: Maybe not instantly, but sooner or later, good, bad or ugly, karma's gonna get ya.

              1. re: Tay

                hey tay-- I think you are spot on-- it was a total blow off. I was very very polite, explained that I had called and--blank. Anyway-- sticking to my home turf for awhile --the LES!


                1. re: jlix

                  You are ever so much better off just patronizing your local neighborhood places. They start to know you, treat you well, and you are able to enjoy yourselves while supporting and maintaining your neighborhood. :-} Egg was nothing special.

                2. re: Tay

                  You're right Tay, as a DiFara worshipper, my tolerance is directly proportional to the quality of the food. :)

                  I'm just not convinced Egg is worth the 1-1.5 hour waits I've read about. Although I've been reading raves about the fried chicken and want to try it.

                  1. re: dark knight

                    I think of you as more of a DiFara 'Devotee' than a worshiper (Sounds too cult-ish.) Of course if you start with the whole "Hail Dom" thing, I might be forced to revise that.. :-}
                    I didn't think Egg was worth any wait at all. It was just...Ok. Nothing memorable. Maybe you can try it on a week night.
                    There is an old thread kicking around here about places with great fried chicken.
                    For the absolute best chicken...Ever, you'd have to drive to the Allentown Farmer's Mkt,( Dan's B-B-Q) and that's a bit of a trip to make for chicken. Even really great chicken. :-}

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I've only been to Egg once for breakfast so I'm not sure if it's the same staff at night. I will say that the help is a bit space cadet-y. It is a very small space though, so I'm not sure what the hostess could have done to seat the OP when there were no seats.

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            1. re: moymoy

              bedford and moy
              As the OP stated in follow up post, it was the callous and indifferent way in which she was treated that she found so upsetting. You are right. There was litttle she could have done to seat the OP as that would not have been fair to those who were given reservations. I'm sure the person didn't respond out of spite. She was busy and she just didn't bother to take the extra 90 seconds to try and make the OP feel as though she really cared (which, of course, she didn't) Often, how a person reacts to bad news is more about how the news is delivered than the news itself.

            2. Why all the sudden hype for Egg? Hasn't this place been curing hipster hangovers for 5 years or so?

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              1. re: the_state

                they recently started serving dinner and had a positive ny times review for it.