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Mar 9, 2008 05:17 AM

Southeast Asian Restaurant Lowell MA.

Has anyone had the lunch buffet recently at the Southeast Asian Restaurant on Market Street in Lowell MA.? If so, how is the food at the lunch buffet? What items on the lunch buffet would you highly recommend? How much does the lunch buffet cost? Does the Southeast Asian Restaurant have a parking lot or street parking? Any information regarding this restaurant would be appreciated. Thanks

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  1. I go just about every saturday. The buffet is around $7.. My favorites are the Gyoza, battered chicken wings, the rice noodles, the really spicy ground chicken dish, the shrimp dish (also spicy).. usually i can get a spot right in front on the street, otherwise there is a lot across the street. You really have to get there when they 1st open it up around 11. Later then that you risk the buffet not being very good. Yesterday for instance we got there around 1:15.. There were plenty of people still eating there and coming in, and they advertise it till 3.. However i counted 10 of the popular items empty, leaving nothing but noodles, rice and some dried up scrapings. Many trips up there i came back with nothing or something i didnt really want from the dried up remains.

    Also when they say spicy they mean it. VERY hot!

    Details are here

    1. The buffet has always been good at that restaurant. I've been going for eighteen years or so.

      Last year, Joe sold the restaurant so he could focus on his frozen food business. The new owners use the same recipes and menu. The window still advertises Beer and Wine, but I'm not sure if the owners have a liquor license.

      Since the sale, I've noticed that the buffet isn't restocked as quickly as it used to be. The food is more or less the same, but as another poster indicated, it pays to get there early.

      Favorite items:

      - Nam Prik Oong -- ground pork in a spicy tomato sauce. I also like this as a "dip" for the spring rolls. Suggestoin: Use one of the soup bowls for this. My wife starts with a "base" of white rice and ladles the pork over it.

      - Phat Prik Kra Pow --- ground chicken and basil. Also spicy. A little goes a long way, here!

      - The "appetizer" menu items are delicious: spring rolls, gyoza, chicken wings. However, don't overstuff on them and miss out on the rest of the good food!

      - Goi Cuon -- Also known as "fresh rolls" elsewhere, and there they internally refer to it as "Nam Dip." Usually hidden under a wet cloth napkin to keep them from drying out. They only serve the vegetarian variety at the buffet--as an appetizer, you can also get them with a ground pork filling.

      - Phat King -- Chicken and Ginger -- not as "hot" spicy as the Phat Prik or Nam Prik, but full of highly spiced ginger.

      - Tom Yung -- Traditional Thai soup with mushrooms (big ones!) and lemongrass (can be a bit tough to chew, but imparts a lovely lemon taste).

      It's a great way to introduce yourself to Southeast Asian cuisine.