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Mar 21, 2002 12:26 AM

Help in Whittier/Sante Fe Springs

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Hi all,

Unfortunately, I had to move from the Westside to an area between Whittier/Sante Fe Springs/La Mirada. I have not found one restaurant that I really like yet.

I miss all those great, small places on the westside, e.g., Tito's, Versailles, Sushi Sasabune, Ramen-ya, Guelaguetza, etc.

Any good places near my new location (which is frighteningly very similar to Fresno)? Also any recommendations on hamburgers (Fatburger is my fav, to help you with the recommendations), pastrami, steaks and any Asian restaurants. I'm looking for places where I don't have to drive 30 minutes to get some decent food. It doesn't have to be expensive nor have great decor, since I'm willing to drive for those things. Thanks for any help.


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  1. Hi Lauren - When lived in Rowland Heights - Whittier was kind of like right down the street (as is anything within 10 miles in LA) by the way Fatburger - on the char is our fav too. There's a Fatburger in Brea. We enjoyed a Lebanese place called Zanoubia's(sp??) in Old Town Whittier, also there's Golden Triangle also in Old Town Whittier - serves Thai. For Asian you're probably better off driving to Rowland Heights. We also enjoyed broasted chicken from a place called The Chicken Box - they had a great Monday Night Special - a whole meal for 8.99 on Mondays. Never had really great Japanese Food in that area - but Sushi Kamon on Colima road is ok. Good Luck

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      I don't know if Golden Triangle is still around in Whittier but I remember liking it - Burmese/Chinese food.

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        I grew up in Whittier (now live in Silver Lake, thank G-d). I sympathize with you because your options are more limited then here mainly b/c there are just so many god damned chain restaurants out there. But, there are some good places that I still go to occasionally when I visit my mom.

        As for Japanese food, I highly recommend Sushi from the East, or locally know as Ewahs (that's the name of the sushi chef/owner -- an amazingly hysterical fellow who always says "see you tomorrow" when you leave). This is just south of Whittier Blvd. at Scott Ave, by the Whittwood Mall (eeeeeekkk, memories of early 80's).

        I loved Golden Triangle and the Middle Eastern Restaurant #2, both on Greenleaf in Uptown Whittier.

        There was a lunch place at King Richard's Antique Mall called Sun Driend Tomato Cafe but I don't know if it's still there. Really yummy place with good sandwiches and salads --everything is freshly prepared with lots of care.

        Norms on Whittier Blvd at Ocean View had really great burgers. It is one of those stands that sells everything -- burritos, pastrami, taco, gyros, etc. The burger's flavor reminds me of In-n-out, but bigger and messier.

        There was an Armenian place on Hadley by the YMCA in uptown that had chicken VERY similar to Zankou! I don't know there name or if they are still there.

        There are a ton of hole in the wall mexican restaurants. Many are quite good, but I don't remember the names/locations. Just give them all a try and report back.

        Have fun!

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          Thanks for the suggestions! I look forward to trying the places you've reccommended. Luckily, I found out that I'll be working at Cedars Sinai for the next three years. I'll still probably have to live in the same area, but at least I'll have more opportunities to eat out in the westside. Thanks again!


      2. I'm a recent transplant too! For Pastrami: The Hat on Imperial Hwy (near the 57). We just had great Italian food at Portofino's on Whittier Blvd. If you want something similar to Tito's, I recommend Arturo's Puffy Tacos in Whittier off of Leffingwell (I believe). My only saving grace is that I still work on the Westside. Living on the Eastside is not all that!

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          I just found out that I will be on the working on the westside for the next three years, so at least I'll have access to my old hangouts. I've had the hat, it just seems out here in Whittier there are ton of those mom/pop charbroiled hamburger/pastrami joints. It's amazing.

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            Sorry you have not found any good eats around here : i will help you. As a French transplant, i spent my first year always driving from Whittier where i live to the Westside, assuming people knew how to eat better there. I am so glad i actually live on the East side now and you will be too, i hope, after you tast all these amazing places at a ridiculous price.
            Of course, it's to your advantage to like Mexican food.
            -for wonderful tacos, a chain called Taco Nazo (fish tacos) on Beach Blvd (going toward Hacienda). They are also located in Rosemead.
            - El Gallo Giro, on Whittier Blvd serves great tacos, burritos, quesadillas, soups, ceviches.
            - As for Thai or Chinese, go a little further to Colima and Fullerton Bld (if you happen to go to Ikea) and stop at VIP, a chinese-muslim restaurant in a strip mall with the best bread ever (between pizza and indian bread). Amazing lamb curry. Also, the Golden Triangle in downtown Whittier, on Greenleaf.
            - Indian food is the ultimate best in Cerritos, on Pionneer, especially Udipi Palace if you're vegetarian.
            - for great mexican new cuisine, go to Babita's and enjoy their mole, light plantains, and desserts. On San Gabriel going towards Alhambra.
            All in all, i truly think the East side deserves more respect foodwise.

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              Yes, VIP in Rowland Heights is very good - The Scallion Bread is their specialty - they also make a pretty good Tea Smoked Duck among other things....see the Rowland Heights thread.....

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            torta basilica

            Bummer. I know you want small, but Dal Rae in Pico Rivera is close & worth a visit - see thread here.

            1. Hey Lauren,

              I grew up in Cerritos, not too far from where you may be. Some recs:

              Chinese - Sam Woo's on Pioneer and South Street. This is a branch of the original in Monterey Park.

              Italian - A'Roma Ristorante just under the 91 FWY at Valley View in CenterPointe Plaza. Excellent Osso Buco.

              Mongolian - Caesar's Mongolian BBQ. I believe it's on Del Amo BLvd and Pioneer. IMHO, better than Mongol's in Westwood.

              Indian - hit just about anything on Pioneer and 183rd Street (Little India).

              Burgers - Chris' & Pitt's ... oh the memories! Huge burgers and shakes. Bellflower and Artesia. **PARK ACROSS THE STREET**

              Deli/Bagels - Katella Deli on Katella Ave and Lexington in Los Alamitos.

              Happy Chowing!

              1. I lived in whittier for 4 years and now live in the valley. There are two things I miss, and they are both restaurants. I miss Uptown Mexican Cafe and Golden Triangle. They are both on greenleaf in uptown whittier area. I frequented uptown mexican and the staff there is great. But Golden Triangle is what I really miss. They serve Thai, Burmeese, and Loatian food, and it is so good. I love their silver noodles and this spinach dish and tofu, I think it had a peanut sauce. There is also a pretty good mexican place across from the Hilton on greenleaf. And, while the atmosphere is pretty crappy the food at California Grill can be pretty good. I don't miss it, but the good was good, but nothing spectatular. They had a mahi mahi (I think) dish with angle hair pasta that was good. good ribs and frys, and other stuff.

                For the most part, all I have to say is sorry, I know how limited food choices can be there, and the grocery stores are terrible too.