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Mar 9, 2008 03:47 AM

Alternatives to Starbucks

When I visit Philadelphia on vacation I want to drink good coffee.
Any suggestions of really good coffee houses/shops worth visiting, preferably not the corporate chains?

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  1. I love Old City Coffee in the Reading Terminal.

    1. Bean Exchange at 7th and Bainbridge.

      1. Anthony's in the Italian Market.

        1. For a unique experience, try Ray's at 141 N. 9th street. Taiwanese dumplings and complimentary cuisine with a coffee bar boasting an array of Japanese glass coffee siphons and fresh ground beans.

          If you've never seen Japanese coffee siphons, bring your camera.

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          1. re: Chefpaulo

            I 2nd Ray's and will add La Colombe as well. Can't go wrong with either.

          2. the northern liberties neighborhood oozes coffee shops. all of these within about 1 sq mi:
            coffee house (on girard, near el stop)
            one shot (in liberties walk, between 2nd and 3rd)
            euphoria (2nd st in the funky 5-story building) - addictive pretzels
            elixir (2nd street, just south of euphoria)
            arbol (2nd and poplar)
            higher grounds (on 3rd st) - great lounging area - my personal fave, even though i love em all
            random tea room (4th st) - they do french press coffee

            i put them in an order that you can literally do a coffee bar crawl walking for approx 1 min between most of these! don't know if your travels will take you up this way, but it's a short walk / 2 min drive from old city (where most of the historic sights are). just google the zip 19123 to get an idea of the area. i really love all the coffee options northern liberties has to offer. :) oh, and you can find a great brunch in the neighborhood, too.