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Mar 9, 2008 03:23 AM

Where to purchase fresh gulf shrimp?

Good morning to all. We will be in town in late May or early June, and I was wondering if there was a place (store, vendor, back of a pickup) where we could get right off the boat shrimp? Thanks in advance!


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  1. And to be a bit more clear, I meant a place that we could stop at on our way out of town to bring some bulk back with us.....Scampi!

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      Try Kjeans on North Carrolton Ave in Mid City

        1. re: funejack

          The Shrimp Lot on the West Bank has always been my favorite place.

          1. re: paz5559

            I second the shrimp lot. Stop by every trip on the way back to Lafayette via Highway 90. Bought gorgeous shrimp for $4/pp, right off the boats. Worth every bit of the 20 minute drive. And shrimp are not all they have...crawfish, fish, crabs, etc.

    2. Depends on how "right off the boat" you really mean. Four Winds Seafood sells at the farmer's market--the fisherman himself sells directly to the public. No middleman, no wholesalers involved. At the Tuesday & Saturday markets, you'll find other seafood vendors as well. This is your best bet for "freshest" shrimp.

      If T and S don't work for you, try K'Jean on Carrollton or Big Fisherman on Magazine. Both are reputable seafood vendors with good suppliers.

      The inshore May shrimp season starts (usually) the first or second week in May. Locally-owned Rouse's Supermarkets allow shrimpers to sell direct to consumers in their parking lots, so when you arrive, you might want to investigate this option, too.

      If you need shrimp packed for airline travel, try Harbor Seafood in Kenner on Williams.

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        Celete...If I may Hi-Jack the thread for a moment...Oysters (by the gallon) at these locations too?????


        1. re: Uncle Bob

          No, not necessarily. Probably yes at Harbor Seafood in Kenner. Don't know if K'Jean or Big Fisherman carries oysters, I never looked. Best oyster source is P&J, the oldest oyster dealer in the U.S.:

      2. My dad used to drive out to Bayou Signette (sic?) right near Jean Laffite State Park, buy the shrimp right off the boats; said they were the absolute best available. But he's no longer with us and that was before the storm, so I don't know if that's an option any more.

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        1. re: swampsue

          Thanks again to all. Where is the shrimp lot on the west bank located?

          1. re: funejack

            Eastbound side of the expressway (also the south side of the expressway, if you're into ordinal directions), where the Westwego Canal ends....between Louisiana Ave & Laroussini, if you want to Mapquest it. I've linked to Mary Ann Seafood, not because I know anything about this particular vendor, but because it will map the location of the "shrimp lot", which is an open-air collection of seafood stalls.

            Mary Ann Seafood
            361 Louisiana St, Westwego, LA

            1. re: Hungry Celeste

              Are the shrimp lots open 7 days a week? What hours do they keep? I also realize that times would be approximate.

          2. Schaefer and Rucich in Bucktown.

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              I will ask again. When is the shrimp lot open? 7 days a week? Please let me know.

              1. re: indiwaiter

                To clarify: the shrimp lot is a place, not a single monolithic business enterprise. It is an open-air market occupied by two dozen or so independent seafood sellers, housed in semi-permanent small buildings (kinda like a bunch of little snoball stands). Each individual vendor sets his/her own hours. I have seen a few vendors open on Sundays when driving by in the early afternoons. See the "place" link to this post and give "Mary Ann" seafood a call; they'll give you an idea of the hours.