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Mar 9, 2008 12:22 AM

Where can I find dak galbi?

As I'm having a bit of trouble sleeping tonight, I have been surfing on the Net looking at yummy pics of Korean food. I then spy this:

Dak galbi is spicy chicken cooked with sweet potatoes, sesame leaves, leek, cabbage and rice cakes. I've never had this. I don't even think I've even seen it on a menu either. I don't think this is the same as dak gui. Does anybody know where I can try this marvelous sounding dish (without the mozzarella)?

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  1. When I lived in Seoul, this was easily my favorite thing to eat in a sea of delicious food. In Seoul, it was cooked right in front of you in a round grill, with lots of soju at hand. For that, I think you've got to search the Boroughs board. In Manhattan, Cho Dang Gol (which seems to be rejuvenated of late--I had a great meal there last week) has a passable version of it, but it's brought out on a hot stone plate. No grill = not worth it. It's just not the same. Seek out the grill version in Queens.

    Aha, I just looked at the link you attached. The thing is, that doesn't even look as good as the stuff I remember, but I was glad (and a little nostalgically melancholy) to see those grills in action.

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    1. re: jasmurph

      i've been looking for this as well as i had it once in Seoul and it was awesome...its definitely not available in manhattan

      its possible its available in flushing or in fort lee / palisades park...there was in place in flushing called 1.5 Dak Kalbi, but its closed

      if anyone knows i'd be very thankful

      1. re: Lau

        Jas -- perhaps I'll try Cho Dang Gol next time I'm there. I've always ordered tofu dishes there, never BBQ.

        Doing some research, I came across this yelp review of Chung Moo ro. It seems that it's an off-menu item there.

    2. I have a mad dak galbi craving these days, so I'm reviving this thread. Anyone tried it at Chung Moo Ro? Do they still have it? Does Cho Dang Gol still have it?

      1. It's been a while and I satiated by dak kalbi craving in Seoul... absolutely delicious. Does anyone know still if it's an option at Chung Moo Ro? Or anywhere else in Manhattan??