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Mar 8, 2008 11:24 PM

Irish Soda Bread

Where's the best place to get Irish Soda Bread in NY?

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  1. We make it from scratch, do you need a recipe?

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      1. re: matt5150

        We've split a recipe for Irish Soda Bread, kindly posted by irishnyc, to the Home Cooking board:

        Please post any other recipes there, rather than here on the Manhattan board.


    1. i find the freshdirect variety quite delicious
      and its parbaked, so you can finish it off in your kitchen and get that fresh bread baking scent

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      1. re: dandandan

        tried this thanks to your recommendation, and it's very very good -- thanks for the tip!

        1. re: david sprague

          You're welcome! I've yet to have a bad experience with Freshdirect's parbaked breads in general. I'm celebrating my St. Paddy's on Monday this year (being contrary) and can't wait for my irish soda bread to get here tomorrow morning =).

      2. Does anyone else have any bakery suggestions?

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        1. re: JodyK

          Glaser's Bake Shop on the corner of 87th and 1st.


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            Eli Zabar makes a great one...Just had it on Friday. Make sure to buy some Irish butter to go along w/ it!


          2. molly's used to serve the rolls, and had a bit of a rep for it too.... i can't even remember if they're still keeping up that tradition. wow, anyone else notice if they're serving irish soda bread still?

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            1. re: sugartoof

              Had dinner at Molly's Wed night. No rolls.


              1. re: TipsyMcStagger

                Orwasher's Bakery. 78th St. & 2nd Avenue I think. The BEST!

            2. I'm a bit surprised there's been no mention of the Irish soda bread available at the Union Square greenmarket. I happen to like that soda bread because it's very rustic. To describe it, I'd have to say it's somewhat imperfect in shape and tastes very scone-like. Ingredients include buttermilk, raisins, and caraway seeds. This bread certainly tastes better than most. You won't be disappointed, especially if you like scones. I'm unsure of the vendor's name though. [It's not Bread Alone, and I believe it's not Our Daily Bread]. The only thing I can tell you for certain is that the price range is around $4.25 a loaf. Perhaps that might help in assuring you're sampling the correct one. HTH.

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              1. re: Cheese Boy

                I bought some soda bread at one a greenmarket on Saturday -- not sure if it was the same vendor or not. Anyway, I bought it without reading the label carefully, and when I got it home I realized that yeast was listed as an ingredient! Yeast?? In soda bread?? It did taste good -- and it had whole caraway seeds, which is important to me in a soda bread -- but it was far from traditional in texture.