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Mar 8, 2008 10:34 PM

produce delivery recommendations please

Early last summer there was a discussion about the merits of various home delivery providers of fruits and vegetables etc. in Toronto. I know at the time planb organic had a number of supporters.

As I live alone (well my cat really doesn't like veggies) I would really like the box to have some variety and it would be good if I didn't have to put in an order every week. It doesn't necessarily have to be organic, but local is best and it would also be useful to be able to order items that are not in the set box.

So would appreciate anyone's feed back on how the orders have worked for them.


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  1. I always had good experiences with Wanigan. They have a variety of different-sized pre-set boxes with both local and/or organic fruits and veggies, plus extra stuff you can add on. They are unable to deliver to high-rises though.

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      I used Wanigan for awhile and was generally pleased with them. I did find that the local boxes were boring in the winter -- but I don't think that's so much Wanigan's fault, really.

      They're one of the few who deliver much outside the boundaries of the subway, North of the 401 though, so they were my only choice.

    2. Love PlanB but their half share is more than enough for two people, you would need to share it with someone.

      1. We've been clients of Front Door Organics for 5-6 years now and we are still very happy with the produce we receive - both quality and quantity-wise. There's two of us and we can usually go through one box per week, however we started ordering every other week to allow us some flexibility with our produce purchases (esp. in the summer, with all the nice farmers' markets around). You can chose from a basic, no substitutions allowed box ($35), or a fully customizable box ($40). You also have the option to order extra produce or products (tofu, milk, eggs, etc.). Everything in the box is organic and as much local as possible. Local produce is identified so you know where your produce comes from. AND, they deliver in high rise buildings.