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Mar 8, 2008 09:02 PM

Needed: Memorable 90th BDay Venue

Help! We don't know where to turn. My Eastern European mom who lives in SF, is turning 90 early this summer, and we plan to throw a party for her, her surviving friends and some family. I have mixed feelings about making this appeal, because except for the family contingent, we are dealing with anti-Chowhounds here. No fusion, Asian, anything these guys would label "exotic". And yet it should be sumptious, gracious. Someplace that would make Emperor Franz Josef nostalgic for his palace in Old Vienna. A view would be good, and if outdoors it should be out of the fog belt. We're at a disadvantage, for although we're SF natives, and show up every other year, often for months at a time, we now live outside of Boston--and we are out of touch. Any suggestions?

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      Thanks for the suggestion...I did think of it, because that is where, 30 years ago, we held our wedding reception! It might be fitting if we went back, but this time , we paid.

    2. rent out Suppenkuche or arrange for off site catering.

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      1. re: hill food

        Suppenkuche is an inspired suggestion for my Mom...will definitely take her! But this birthday thing has got to be elegant. If we cater, we need to rent a place, too.

      2. A 92-year-old German friend of mine loves Cafe Majestic. The setting is quiet and elegant but not formal or stuffy. The food is quite good.. it's fine dining but not too-too heavy or rich.


        1. My thought was also Cafe Majestic - the dining room is quite elegant, though a tad on the Victorian, overly gold side! The food is very good and the dining room is nice and quiet so your guests will be able to hear! The tables are not too close together, either. I am sure that if you tell them the occasion they will find a nice section of the room to put you in. Congrats to your mom on a milestone bday!