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Mar 8, 2008 09:01 PM

Anything Highly Edible In/Near Mexico City Airport?

I've got a three hour layover. Not sure if I'll be in customs quarantine, or if I pass through customs, how long that'll take. Probably no time to leave the airport. But is there anything good IN the airport?


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  1. Jim, I've cleared customs in D.F. many times and it's never taken more than 45 minutes and only that long when there were a lot of flights arriving at the same time. Your options may depend upon which terminal you come into. A new terminal was opened a few months ago (which I have not been in) and it is not exactly close to the existing terminal. Customs, however, is in the old terminal and was recently modernized.

    You should be able to go outside the customs/immigration area and access the main terminal, just have your boarding pass and know you'll have to go through security again (which is not nearly as invasive as here in the U.S.). There are quite a few restaurants on many levels and you can find just about anything from sushi to sopa. If you follow the signs for the buses to the territories you'll find even more options. And finally, do a search of this board for a very old post - from 2003 or 2004. Someone did a post about a good taqueria they found in the D.F. airport that was located down a corridor and somewhat off the beaten path. IIRC, the poster gave pretty good directions for finding it.

    If you're in the old terminal you'll find that it is a L-O-N-G narrow building that seems to stretch on forever. It's easy to navigate, just alot of walking. If you elect not to exit immigration/customs but proceed to your next gate, there are numerous small restaurants, bars, snack bars, sushi bars, etc. on the concourse.

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        It's a flyer friendly airport, I think. I like the restaurant with the bar in the middle, they do a great breakfast - can't remember the concourse though but we fly from NY or New Orleans so it would be that one.

    1. In the Aeromexico terminal, they were doing some construction when I was there last month, there's a nice restaurant with a bar.It is right next to Chili's.I ordered a huevos rancheros that was prepared with chipotles.It was delicious! It had a fusion menu with Mexican and South American dishes prepared their way.I think I remember a steak with chimichurri sauce.

      Some negra modelos and a shot of Herredura anejo along with the food made for relaxing wait for my flight.Forgot the name of this spot, but the Chili's won't be hard to spot.