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Mar 8, 2008 08:29 PM

Afternoon Tea in HK

I've got a full list of places to hit for dim sum, siu yuk, char siu, etc. etc. (20 pages full, but it includes pictures!), but my eating partner and I are interested in experiencing the colonial side of HK, as well.

I had afternoon tea at the Peninsula once, almost 10 years ago, and I thought the atmosphere was pleasant, but the food and the tea sucked. This time, I'm looking for an afternoon tea place with good food (good tea would be nice, too, but good food is more important). In my search here I found a recommendation for the Clipper Lounge at the Mandarin Oriental. Is that the best? Or are there other options?

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  1. The two names on your list are the "legendary" names for afternoon tea in Hong Kong. That is where the local celebrities and tycoons hang out.

    Other options may include the lounge at Grand Hyatt, great view and atmosphere. Regret not able to comment on the food as I was paying more attention to the business discussion rather than the food itself.

    1. Why not head out to the Repulse Bay Hotel. Totally different scenery and tranquil setting. Food's not bad too. As for tea at the Peninsula, unless you are staying there with a room key clear in sight, prepare for a looooooong wait!. However, the freshly baked scones with clotted cream is still awesome and 'expensive'!

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        Is there a Repulse Bay Hotel still? I did a search and only found reference to a Repulse Bay Hotel that no longer exists.

        Interesting about the Peninsula scones--the scones were what I hated most about their afternoon tea! I thought they were so heavy and flavourless. I have a bias against cake-like scones, though, so that may be why I didn't like them.

        So far, it's the Clipper Lounge or Repulse Bay Hotel if it still exists. Maybe we'll just have to have cake at Jean-Paul Hevin. I wonder if they have a cafe.

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          Though the 'old' Repulse Bay Hotel has been replaced by 'The Repulse Bay', a brand new non-service as well as full service apartment, The historical 'Verandah' has been retained by the new owner. It serves traditional English afternoon tea everyday except Monday. Operated by the Peninsula Hotel group, the standard of food and service is very high..If you don't like their scones, you can opt for their excellent finger sandwiches and cakes instead.You can call them at 2292-2822 for more detail. BTW, the ocean view is definitely better than the Clipper Lounge!! .

      2. Peninsula Hotel & Mandarin Oriental Hotel shall always remain my top 2 favorite spots for a lazy chat over afternoon tea & scones. But last month, I discovered a nice one at the Fourth Floor, Harvey Nichols, Landmark Bldg, Central. A standard afternoon tea set consists of:
        - Scones, with clotted cream & strawberry preserves;
        - Chicken & wild mushroom pie;
        - Truffles, egg & cress; and smoked salmon & cucumber jelly sandwiches;
        - Strawberry shortcake; mini-opera roulade; mini rum Baba with lemon cream & fresh berries; Mont Blanc cake.

        All items are served in really petite portions. They also serve one of the best cups of coffee this side of Victoria Harbor.

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        1. re: klyeoh

          Baba?!?!?!? I looooooove baba au rhum!

          OK, it's on my list!

          So now I have three--Clipper Lounge (Mandarin Oriental), Repulse Bay Verandah, and the 4th floor of Harvey Nichols. Where we end up might depend on where we are at any given time, but I'm leaning toward Repulse Bay because of the view, or Harvey Nichols because of the baba...

        2. Haven't been to the Intercontinental for high tea, but it looks good -

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            This is the Intercontinental Hong Kong - and not the Intercontinental Grand Sanford in Tsimshatsui East? I've been Googling but can't quite figure out which high tea everyone's talking about, as it looks like both locations offer it.
            Thanks in advance!

          2. There's supposedly one more:

            Mo Bar
            Queens Rd Central #15
            2132 0188
            High tea from 3 pm to 5:30 pm