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Mar 8, 2008 07:25 PM

SE michigan- Liver & Onions?

I know, I know, everybody hates liver and onions. at least it seems that way.
I thought i'd check and see if there were any weirdos out there (like me) who actually like
it. and if so- any suggestions/recommendations restaurant wise?.
and let me add that: poor L&O are WAY worse than none at all. which is probably why so many people hate it!

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  1. I love liver, and it's hard to get around here. Had a fabulous calves' liver and onion dish at a bar in Buffalo a couple of months ago and wondered where to get it around here. Some of the Arabic places serve liver, often on hummous. I think Pine Land in Westland has it.

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    1. re: Jim M

      do you remember the name in Buffalo? (i might be in that area next week!)

      1. re: rtv

        It was the Glen Park Tavern in Williamsville, 5507 Main St.--easy to get to if you take Main away from Buffalo from the I-290 expressway. I went in there because it struck me as a good place for chicken wings, but they were out of wings. Feeling sorry for myself because I had gone to Buffalo only to find they were out of chicken wings, I ordered the liver instead and was satisfied.

        It's possible the liver was a special, but the place seemed to have a good sampling of the local cuisine.

        It's funny . . . every Greek diner in Chicago has liver and onions, but it didn't catch on in the Detroit coneys.

    2. I love it, too! I had it at what was Innfield's in Berkley--it's ow Country Kitchen or something--a family style restaurant. You might also check Alex's in Berkley --on 12 mile between Greenfield and Coolidge, closer to Coolidge --a diner style spot with decent food. If you find a good spot, please share..maybe we can start a support group.

      I'm actually berkleybabe, didn't know my husband, berkleygary, was logged on...

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          Maybe we could have the Southeast Micigan Liver & Onions Meetup and JessicaRose could make us her special recipe.

          1. re: Jim M

            That would be fine by me, Jim. I love to entertain!! =}

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          Not far from either is Alia's on Greenfield in Southfield. They have a good menu of home cooking favorites for good prices, including liver and onions.

        3. I have an AWESOME recipe for liver and onions that has been passed down from my grandma!

          cook one lb of bacon for the drippings, take one large yellow onion and carmalize it with the drippings. Remove onions. Take one container of liver, wash and dip into milk, then seasoned flour or corn starch. Fry on a med to high heat until the liver starts to curl. Add onions, and a few pieces of bacon. Cook on low=med heat until liver is a nice light pink inside. salt and pepper to taste!! Yum!!! I will be posting a recipe for chicken liver stroganoff to the recipe board sometime today if you are interested. Like I always say, "if you can't find it in a restuarant, make it yourself!"

          1. Karl's Cabin in Plymouth Twp. on Gotfredson Rd just south of North Territorial. It's a fun and out of the way place that offers excellent liver and onions

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              I was coming home Saturday night about 8:30 and hadn't eaten, so I pulled into Karl's. I literally could not find a space in the parking lot. Definitely something going on up there--will check it out.

                1. re: rtv

                  finally got to Karls.....not bad at all! pretty darn good L&O lots of onions
                  if you get bacon it's minced (i'd prefer strips) but still ....nothing left on the plate (except some steamed veggies)

            2. update: Place to Try...Stonehouse in Escanaba...I know it's a long way but The liver and onions were the best i have ever had in a Restaurant!! Truly the best