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Mar 20, 2002 04:12 PM

HELP - Russian chocolate candies in LA

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I'm looking for a brand of chocolate candies made by the Russian candy manufacturer 'Golden Chocolates' called MAGICIAN CHOCOLATES. I found a picture of it in the candy section of if that would be of any help. Any ideas on where to search?

Thanks fellow comrades - I mean: chowhounds.

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  1. I don't know where you live but I would try
    1. There's a deli with lots of Russian chocolates across from the NuWilshire theater in Sana Monica
    2. All through Hollywood are several Russian delis all of which carry chocolates. Asking at one might help esp. if you can get them to ask the clientele. One good one is in the mall near Poinsettia and Santa Monica with the Trader Joes, another good one is in the mall at the SE corner of Vine and Fountain (where El floridita is). If you can print out the picture of what you want and take it with you, that can always help.

    good luck.

    1. The Russian (Ukranian) deli on Wilshire Blvd in Santa Monica is on the North side of the street between 12th street and Euclid. They have lots of chocolates for sale. Sausages and Cabbage are also excellent. They do not make them but they are my favorite. I like their sausages better than the ones at the Polish Sausage factory across the street and a block West.