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Mar 8, 2008 07:08 PM

Nick's Pizza - UES

Here we go again. My wife and I are fans of Patsy's on 1st Ave at 117 Street so you can figure that into my opinion. We finally tried Nick's at 94 Street & 2 Ave and we were both disappointed. To start, the table bread was extraordinarily delicious and so was the green salad which can feed four, but then the plain large pizza came out. After all the raves this was not what I was expecting. The cheese was in large islands surrounded by a sea of tomato sauce so nothing was blended together. The crust was very tasty but was too thick. Half way through the pie the rest of the slices became mushy with that thick crust soaking up everything. I have no complaints with the quality of the ingredients but, for me, the execution was way off.

Is there a certain pie that they do very well? How is the rest of the menu? We like the place but need to know what to order.

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  1. Coincidentally I had my first pie from there last night. I had the pepperoni, which was actually very good. Maybe asking for it well done (the guy at the restaurant deemed it "crispy") helped to avoid the mushy quality you suffered It's easily the best option pizza-wise around here. I had my fill of Dominos and Papa John's. Good God..

    1. Nick's UES is in my neighborhood, so I order delivery or get a takeout from them relatively frequently. Execution could be more consistent - sometimes the pizzas are very good, while other times they are just better than pizzas from most other places. I'd agree with TMW's suggestion re asking that the pizza be baked a little longer, if that mushiness (which is more likely to occur with large pizzas and pizzas with lots of toppings) really bothers you.

      If you've never been to Nick's in Forest Hills, it's worth the trip. I've yet to find a better pizza in New York. They also serve great salads. Just a fun, low-key, very casual place. Not sure why, but the Forest Hills site's pizzas taste a lot better than the UES site's, even though the UES pizzas are still pretty good most of the time (I think part of it is the mozzarella they use - taste seems different sometimes).