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Mar 8, 2008 07:06 PM

Black Cherry Wishniak?

A local restaurant is selling this soda.

What I can find on the web is that it is a Philadelpia soda by way of Europe. Frank's, is the brand that is usually mentioned. Stewart's and Hanks also make it.

Supposedly it is flavored with real black cherry ... I find this hard to believe in this day and age. Is it still made with real cherries?

What makes it different from other cherry sodas? Is one brand better than another? Anyone know the origin or history of this soda? Any particular food that it usually goes with?

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  1. Check to see if it's sweetened with sugar or hfcs. The former the better.

    1. Frank's black cherry wishniak is the stuff of Philadelphia memories. Growing up,we bought Frank's soda's by the caseful and the black cherry was my favorite. I don't know if it's made with real cherries, but man oh man, I wish I could get my hands on some!
      Give it a try! Lots of folks are jealous ;)

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        I'm not sure which brand it is. The restaurant is a bit of a trip. I edited the OP there's a link to buy Frank's online ... if you want to drop $70

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          Yum, I used to get that in Philly and South Jersey...something about the cherry flavor (I only drank Frank's) was more of a fruit flavor than the overpowering sweet "fruity" flavor of other fruit sodas. I think I had my last bottle at the Philadelphia airport a couple of years ago...

        2. I don't know specifically about the Black Cherry but I've been tasting a bunch of ginger Ales and there is a difference from 1 bottler to another. 1st you have the sweetener. For Ginger Ale the Stewart's is sweetened with corn syrup and Boylan is sweetened with cane sugar. Each one probably uses a different, proprietary, blend of spices.BTW the Boylan Black Cherry is yummy and I'm sure natural cherry flavor

          1. I grew up in Philly suburb where Frank's was very popular. In fact, I went to school with the Frank kids. Their dad Herbie, sold out when I was in junior high... that was around d 1972. Black Cherry Wishniak was always my favorite too. Orange was good.....not so sure about the cola or lemon lime ....Yep, great with a cheese steak, a hoagie, and some barbecued chips. Does anyone know who bought the name? I just saw a case of black cherry for sale on Amazon for sixty bucks....What is up with that?

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              I worked in center city back in the mid '80's and lived in Blackwood, NJ. Cheesesteaks and Franks orange was it, plain & simple. "It's Franks, Thanks!"

            2. The original comment has been removed