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Mar 8, 2008 06:56 PM

L'Astrance: ok for single diner?

I'm heading to Europe for a few weeks in April, and looking for one outstanding dinner. My research has pointed me towards L'Astrance, but I wanted to check with you all on the atmosphere: would it be ok for a single woman travelling alone to go there, or would it be uncomfortable?

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  1. In Europe, single diners are rarely a problem. A sophisticated restaurant like Astrance will not have any problem with it. And by the way that is an excellent choice. I have had lunch there and it is spectacular. I would expect dinner to be even more so.

    1. You'd best call soon if you wish to eat there.
      And you won't be too alone-there are so many courses, and if you include a wine pairing you'll have frequent visits to your table...and they are all more than happy to talk about the food and the wine. It's quite wonderful.

      1. Tried two weeks ago to obtain a reservation in late April/early May and struck out.
        Good luck