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For good pasta with either meat sauce or tomato and salad which is better place. We are staying near both in The EV Aloha

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  1. Personally, I prefer Frank.

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    1. They're comparable, being owned by the same person. Frank was the original. Supper is bigger and the menu is a little more elaborate (though I may be wrong about that).

      I like them both, but I think Supper is easier to get a table just because of its size.

      1. I think Frank has gone a bit downhill over the years; I strongly prefer Supper.

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          agreed! loved all the highly fresh, yet simple supper fare..

        2. the pasta with meat sauce is better at supper, and it is a little bit of a nicer place. however, i think frank has better food overall.

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            A word of caution about both places... specials tend to be considerably more expensive than comparable items on the menu. Ask your server for the prices of the specials. Caveat Emptor!

          2. Thanks, I have been burned by special prices on specials before. I think I pick supper because the menu is simpler which I like

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              Supper is a favorite. Love the white beans/garlic to put on bread that they give you. I like the Priest Stranglers pasta much more than the meat sauce. The chicken is also a winner.

            2. Definitely Supper over Frank. The latter is way overhyped. Pasta is mediocre at best. Never tried their other main dishes but was utterly disappointed by their pasta (very bland and oily). Frank is also EXTREMELY crowded and is not worth the long wait. Supper is cozy and has some great dishes. What about Max on 4th between A and B? I absolutely LOVE this place. Amazing pasta (lasagna, fettucine w/homemade meat sauce, and black pasta w/shrimp are to die for). They also serve this incredible olive paste with fresh, soft bread-- I highly recommend Max over any other Italian place in the EV... every person I've brought to Max has fallen in love with the food and atmosphere.

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                I agree. Max is my favorite Italian place in the EV (I used to live around the corner and I ate there ALL the time!).

                So I am changing my previous vote for Supper to a vote for Max!

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                  All three are great. The lasagna at Max is of the charts... I would vote Max, Supper, then Frank. The bar is a little more extensive at Frank though.