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Mar 8, 2008 06:29 PM

Quiet small romantic restaurant near LA Music Center

We're tired of going to large noisy chain or hotel restaurants when we are at the Music Center in downtown LA. Is there a nice small quiet cozy non-chain restaurant with good food and service in downtown? Cost is not important as long as it's good!

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  1. Noe in the Omni Hotel sorta diagonally across the street and SE of Disney Hall would be a very good suggestion. Part of it looks out onto California Plaza, yet part of it is very much an intimate dining room, devoid of any outside influences, and quite cozy. 213.356.4100. Fairly expensive, though, so keep that in mind.

    1. Colori Kitchen

      Colori Kitchen
      429 W 8th St, Los Angeles, CA 90014

      1. Neither of the replies above really fill the bill...and maybe what seems to be available in downtowns across the nation doesn't exist in downtown LA. Noe is lovely, but it's not a small quiet cozy restaurant. And from the website, Colori Kitchen seems not to serve any alcohol. Is there not a small cozy quiet restaurant with good food, drink, wine list in downtown LA? I'm thinking something clubby with leather booths, soft lighting, and quiet, providing atmosphere for an intimate dinner. I'll even drive a bit from downtown to get the right spot. I'm beginning to think that by preferring quiet and class over noise (now called "energy"), attitude and kitsch, I'm dating myself. Seems as if "zoos" like Mozza prosper, the kind of place I am looking for is a dying breed. Help??

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          From your description, it sounds like you might like Taylor's or Pacific Dining Car (which offers a shuttle to the Music Center, by the way).

          Taylor's Steakhouse
          3361 West 8th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90005

          Pacific Dining Car
          1310 W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90017

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            I would respectfully pass on both. Taylor's has had horrible reviews on this board and PDC is decades past its prime.

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              Did you realize that this is a more than 6 year old post? PDC is the same as it ever was, by the way, for good or ill--and the meat, at least, is prime.

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            Perhaps the new Riordan's on Figueroa next to The Original Pantry will work for you. Cicada on Olive near Sixth St. may also work, but it is starting to have a lot of live music nights so check dates and times if you want to avoid that. The Arnie Morton's in DTLA is another possibility, although it is a chain.

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                Water Grill is terribly overpriced and in no way is it either cozy or intimate!

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                  Add: Sorry, see that burntcrisp already recommended it. It does fill the bill when the live music is not on.

                2. My favorite Pre-theater restaurant is First and Hope Supper Club. It is warm and small with great food and also alcohol. It's walking distance, across the street, from the Music Center (at the corner of First and Hope). I also love Taix at 1911 Sunset Blvd. it is a quiet and cozy French country restaurant, not within walking distance, but only a few minutes drive from the Music Center

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                    holy 6YO thread bump, bat man!

                    does first+hope even have a "chef" these days? just asking.

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                      First & Hope is out of business.
                      These days, a place in either Cal Plaza, Citicorp Plaza, or Café Pinot across from Citicorp Plaza are the only places, and none are cozy. Most are good, though none are great.
                      Personal value of that list - Café Pinot, with a no-corkage policy.