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Mar 8, 2008 05:32 PM

Quick update - HK

Very busy schedule, so don't have much time to post. However, came across a couple of extremely delicious dishes from Causeway Bay's Sportful Garden Restaurant ( Toh Yuen ) Dim Sum menu that prompted me to write a few quick words. First, an amazing tasting 'braised chicken feet with peanuts in abalone sauce'! Second is a plate of fried E-Fu noodle with yellowing chives, sundried oysters and shrimp eggs. Definitely won't get those in Toronto! The roast goose was mighty fine as well. Easily at par or better than Yung Kee's.
A definite alternative for those visiting Chowhounders in search of a good Dim Sum place.
PS: After lunch at Toh Yuen, walked pass Da Domenico to check out its menu. Decide to give it a try thursday. The aroma inside the restaurant was unreal!

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  1. So how do you compare the Dim Sum standard of Toh Yuen to Fu Sing at Wanchai?

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      Ah! Good question! I was actually expecting this! Ha!
      For Dim Sum, I still prefer Fu Sing. However, for bigger portion entrees like fried noodles, lotus leaf wrapped fried rice, B-B-Q meat etc, Toh Yuen might have a slight edge. However, Toh Yuen also do have a few Dim Sum dishes that's pretty good. Either way, I don't think one can go wrong! One thing for sure though, both are better than the much mentioned 'Maxim' at City Hall.

    2. PPS: As snack, had a bowl of Won Ton noodle at Tasty Noodle and congee ( aka Jan Dow ) today. This place was supposed to be one of the best, if not THE best won ton noodle house in town. Previous experiences had been very positive. However, todays version was pure dissappointment. First off, they left out a key ingredient - yellowing chives in the noodle! Then the won ton prawn filling wasn't as 'crunchy' as before ( overcooked?!). Finally, the supposedly tasty broth was bland and lacked the traditional taste of the tiled fish/prawn shell/porkbone/buddha fruit stock. Only the noodle, which was still ultrafine and cooked perfectly al dente is worth a nod!

      1. Fellow Chowhounders,
        After eating my way through dissappointingly dull to good but not great food this past week in HK. I finally encountered a dish that 'wows' me! ( even though its just a meager little dim sum dish ). The dish in question was a 'crispy skin' Har Gow sprinkled with fried garlic dust! (Almost like a page taken from El Buli's menu). Its listed as a house speciallty in the 'Star of Canton' restaurant - Lee Theatre Plaza, Causeway Bay.. Instead of your usual steamed wrapper, the morsel in question, though still looked white in appearance was thoroughly 'crispy' all round! One bite into it 'releases juices' that was not unlike a Shanghainese Xiao Lun Bao. The prawn filling was crunchy comprising of individual whole and not diced up prawns. The garlic dust added another dimension to your usual Har Gow taste. Anyways, this tiny morsel offered the mouth a sensational taste and 'texture' experience. A MUST TRY for any Dim Sum lover planning to visit HK.!
        BTW, their version of the b-b-q buns were mighty fine as well. Oozing with tons of delectable gravy and pork filling. Though still a touch under 'Fu Sing''s version