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Mar 8, 2008 05:09 PM

SB help! Girls lunch & night out ideas

I'm helping to plan a bachelorette party in Santa Barbara for a friend. Problem is, neither the bride nor anyone in the bridal party are from SB!

I know there are plenty of options on State St, but we need help choosing places sight unseen. We're all approaching 30 and don't want to be harrassed by frat boys but a little bit of rowdiness for the bride is fine. What we DO want: lunch place <$20pp, any food type, with cozy, quiet atmosphere for girls...something along the lines of a Marmalade Cafe (a chain that's available in LA). For dinner, the bride requested Mexican, with good margaritas.

We're staying at Hotel Santa Barbara, so anything within walking distance is an added bonus.


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  1. If you are in your 30's, you will not be hassled by frat boys. They are plenty of hot 20 somethings to keep them happy. And if you want to be rowdy you will need to stay in the bar district near your hotel and along the waterfront. Pick any of the restaurants in that area and you will do fine. Santa Barbara is a fairly sedate town and when we dine out we don't really like to put up with rowdy crowds. Sorry.

    How big is your group?

    1. Santa Barbarians really don't "do" chains. There is a new Marmalade Cafe in La Cumbre Plaza, so you can start there. It's quite far from the beach, though.

      You might try Blue Agave...
      a little more than your price range...but would satisfy your other wants, I think.

      1. I do not think Blue Agave is open for lunch but it does sound like your style.
        So for lunch I would suggest The Paradise Cafe or Opal. Both have good local wine lists, the Paradise has a patio.

        Since your bride requests Mexican & margaritas for dinner I would say Carlito's.
        They have a patio and high end Mexican food.

        glbtrtr is right there really arn't andy rowdy restaurants here but The Palace Grill is great for celebrations and it is loud so you can get away with some festiveness.

        The Palace and Blue Agave are only a block away from your hotel. The Paradise two blocks. Opal and Carlito's are up State Street seven blocks on the same block as the Arlington Theater.

        1. This sounds way off base, but have you considered the Santa Barbara Brewhouse (NOT the brewery) for lunch? Not very Marmalady ( live near the Sherman oaks marmalade, I know of what you speak.), it IS a brewpub. The beer is good, the food is yummy, theres a patio out front, it's near the hotel but off of state. The brewers are nice, the staff is OK. It would be quieter for lunch.

          For Mexican ish, the Carlito's is good, or the old standby El Paseo.

          Opal is another good rec.

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            Thanks so much for all of the replies so far. Sent the recs over to the bride and other girls (there's 8 of us altogether), and we'll see where things land. I'll post a review after the festivities.