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Fish tacos for a Canadian staying in Pasadena?

What do you suggest? I'll be staying near Old Pasadena for a couple of days, and I won't have access to a car (or a whole day to go exploring). What's the current status of Tonny's, La Estrella (at Foothill and Altadena), and Senor Fish in South Pasadena?

I'd love to try anything from a taqueria (we are sorely lacking good Mexican food up here), but I'm especially searching for a solid fish taco.


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  1. The fish tacos are very good at that particular La Estrella location (I haven't been to others) but the real star is their shrimp taco, as far as I'm concerned. Get one of each!

    There might be public transportation that could take you to or close to La Estrella. Check out the Pasadena ARTS shuttle.


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      It's been years, but I remember them being amazing, as you say. A whole different animal than the "Ensenada" kind, which you'll find in many a coastal city in Mexico these days. La Estrella's are huge (like palm size), double that of their regular tacos. They come w/ cabbage, sour cream and that crazy red salsa. Available at all La Estrella locations (except trucks).

    2. I have tried a variety of tacos at the Senor Fish in S. Pas, and they were all good. The small salsa bar in the corner is also decent. The inside of the restaurant is very plain, and the restaurant is in a mini mall across the street from the South Pas Trader Joe's. I have tried the shrimp tacos (breaded and grilled) and their scallop tacos.

      The Senor Fish in Eagle Rock has a more interesting looking building because the restaurant looks like a fish shack on the outside. There is also a downtown and an Alhambra location, but I haven't tried those.

      Senor Fish Website

      You can take the Metro Gold Line to Pas, S. Pas, and downtown and also connect to other lines in LA, since you have no car. For more info, see below.

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        second on senor fish and the suggestion to just take the gold line.

        if you're in old town, just get on at memorial park headed towards union station, get off at mission and walk west down mission for .3 miles

      2. Not a taqueria by any means, but Wahoo's makes a fine fish taco.

        On Lake, just south of Colorado Blvd.

        Wahoo's Fish Taco
        264 S Lake Ave, Pasadena, CA 91101

        1. I would definitely second the Eagle Rock location Senor Fish - very good Ensenada style fish tacos - try the scallop ones. Also they have a wonderful seafood quesadilla - and the outdoors area is really fun with the lovely weather we are having.

          1. Thanks for the recs everyone! I'll let you know how things turn out!

            1. For a late night treat, and some real street food, you should hit up the taco truck just south of Old Town down Fair Oaks (at Bellevue south of Del Mar). The name on the truck is El Gallito.

              There's another one on the same side of the street half a block south, but I prefer El Gallito.

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                I found this place about a year ago and thought they were great.

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                  Yes, you were the one that turned me on to them! They have awesome quesadillas (1 is enough to feed 2-3 ppl), and also really like their suadero tacos.

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                    I haven't been in a while -- do they still break out the spit on Friday nights?

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                      You know, I have yet to see an external spit. And I've gone Fridays, Saturdays and during the week (too many times for my own good). Maybe they have it inside the truck?
                      Oh, god, I guess now I'll have to go tonight and see if they have a spit....

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                        ozzygee- Thks for clarifying ipse's comment. I thought ipse was talking about people spitting.

                        Is this the truck that parks in a small parking lot just north of California on the west side of street? If so,I agree w/ you (and everybody who's commented on that truck on Chounds) -their tacos, about a buck each, are very tasty. A variety of meats, all good. The salsa verde is particularly good.

                        However, they don't have fish tacos.

                        I recommend Senor Fish. I've only eaten at the 1 on Mission in S Pasadena. You have to eat em w/ a knife (preferably a metal one, the tortillas can be tough to saw thru) and fork, but they're the best around these parts.

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                          ilikefood -

                          It's the other truck on Fair Oaks.

                          Tacos el Gallito is just south of California, on the EAST side of Fair Oaks in a vacant parking lot (about a half block north of Gale's).

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                            Thanks ipse and ozzygee, Def will try it

                            Correction: The truck I was referring to is on the EAST of Fair Oaks also, again just north of California.
                            You may not see the truck right away but you'll see the people-coming and going, waiting in line or eating their tacos.

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                            Re: SeƱor Fish: their scallop tacos and shrimp tacos are pretty fab, too, and ridiculously cheap.

                            For some reason, though the atmosphere at the South Pas location is utterly charmless, unlike the lovely one in Eagle Rock, their tacos seem to be a bit more flavorful. All to the good, since I go to the Trader Joe's across the street frequently, and if I feel a mite peckish a nice little taco is right there - how convenient!

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                            Yes! Please report back on the spit. Thanks!!

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                              Sorry, didn't get to make it out this Friday, but I will ask them about the spit on my next visit.

                  2. Not sure where you are in Pasadena or if you can use public transtport or afford a cab, if you can El Taco Nazo is not far - near Garvey and Rosemead 8 or so miles from the SE Pasadena border. Search site if your curious. One of the best fish taco's in LA.

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                      love taco nazo. i think they have the best fish and shrimp tacos!

                    2. Just wanted to thank you all for the recs. Given the limited time and transportation, I only went to Senor Fish in South Pasadena. I had the Ensenada style fish taco, and it was incredibly delish. Maybe next time I'll have the chance to tour around a bit more.