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Mar 8, 2008 04:58 PM

Anything else to do near Michy's?

Will be staying in SoBe, but after reading all of the comments on Michy's, we've decided to head out there for dinner. Unfortunately, we won't have a car so it seems like it will tack on a decent cab fare to dinner - is there anything else to do near Michy's to help ease the pain? Dessert place? Foodie shops? Art/museum/sights?


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  1. there are many bars and restaurants, but it is probably best to explore during the day. Any retail is closed at night so its a one stop destination...

    1. RIght next door is a little wine bar called Wine 69 where you can have a glass and cool your heels. Nice folks but not much atmosphere. Casa Toscana is practically next door on the other side and has a "wine room" and garden space in back.

      I saw signs of life at Red Light this evening - long awaited opening of a restaurant & bar about 8 blocks north. May have been a pre-opening party.

      Otherwise still not much in the way of legal entertainment within walking distance in this neighborhood at night.

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        Without a car, it is difficult in Miami. However if you are interested in art, the
        Wynwood art district is worth a visit. The Margulies Collection at 591 NW 29th St. and the Rubell Family Collection at 95 NW 27th St. have incredible modern art exhibitions. Both have websites and are FREE. Not to be missed if you are in Miami.

        1. re: rebus1805

          Just to clarify, Wynwood is most definitely not within walking distance of Michy's.

          1. re: rebus1805

            I think the Rubell is five dollars, and is only opened weekends in season.

            1. re: CODENT

              According to their website the Rubell Family Collection is open Wednesday to Saturday 10 am to 5 pm and there is no mention of a fee. Wynwood is definitely worth a taxi ride.

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