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Mar 8, 2008 04:57 PM

SEA - tacos al pastor?

What is the best place in Seattle for Mexico City style Tacos al Pastor? Is there even such a place? Please exclude the following;

* la carta de oaxaca (great, but a little too delicate for my taste)
* taqueria guaymas (solid, but lacks pineapple)
* Any place that offers beans and rice on the side, or adds iceburg lettece and chedder cheese to their tacos

Taco trucks are also an option for me.

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  1. Just back from Mexico City and must say this is a real challenge.

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    1. re: magfoodguy

      Tacos El Asadero, a taco truck on Rainier Ave, has pretty good al pastor. They also have mexican coke to wash down your tacos.

      Tacos El Asadero
      3517 Rainier Ave S, Seattle, WA 98127

      1. re: dagrassroots

        This is absolutely my favorite taco truck in Seattle.

        1. re: dagrassroots

          I love that place, but they actually don't do al pastor. There was a thing in one of the dailies about a stand in the Ballard farmer's market that has it... here it is-

          1. re: pusherman

            Do you know if they have pineapple? Never mind, just read farther and answered my question!

      2. Taqueria el trompo loco in Kent if they are still there.
        Excellent tacos al pastor and yes, they had pineapple.

        Rinconcito in Burien is better than guaymas for pastor
        but I don't recall if they have pineapple.

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        1. re: pigeonmom

          I have never been to Mexico City, but I am a huge al pastor fan. From what I have read, an essential aspect of al pastor in the DF is the pork being roasted on vertical spits in the style of shawarma, gyros, etc (a technique brought, as I understand it, from Lebanese immigrants to the Mexican metropolis). Pineapple or onion sit atop the meat on the spit, imparting their exuding juices in the roasting process, and the taquero slices some of the fruit to go with the meat. I have had tacos prepared this way in Chicago's Little Village, and the results were spectacular.

          I inquired as to the spit presence in Seattle taquerias over a year ago, and the only place I heard of using the device was Muy Macho in South Park. However, when I visited the place, the machine was not in operation. I did order the al pastor, and enjoyed it, but it didn't have the quality of the Chicago spit roasted version. Around here, "adobada" is almost interchangeable with "al pastor" for purposes of taco truck/taqueria menus, signifying heavily spice-marinated pork, and in this way, I enjoy Asadero and Riconsito, mentioned above, as well as Rancho Bravo in Wallingford, which has a particularly pungent marinade.

          pigeonmom - does el trompo have the spit?

          1. re: equinoise

            Yes, el trompo had a spit.
            I haven't been there in a year.. I hope they're still open.

            1. re: pigeonmom

              Alas, they are not (open anymore). Drove by there on Tuesday hoping for Al Pastor for lunch, they've been replaced by another Taqueria which I will check out on another day....

              1. re: cburnsi

                Saw a taco truck bearing signage for El Trompo Loco on E. Marginal way recently. It was in the parking lot for a large Mexican Restaurant. It was not open for business when I drove by.

                I also note this site listing Taqueria El Trompo Loco at 7047 E Marginal Way S. . This might be the same place where I saw the truck, but Im not positive.

                Anyone been to a place matching these descriptions?

                1. re: equinoise

                  We're always trying to keep the taco truck info up to date in Whrrl, although with them moving and changing hands regularly it can get a bit difficult. One good article, though a bit old, that I've used as a resource is here:

                  I hope you'll find more of what you're looking for on Whrrl, and if you ever want us to add a taco truck for you just send the info to

                  Cheers! - Danielle @

            2. re: equinoise

              I had a similar question on trying to find a good Breakfast Machaca burrito like the ones I used to have in LA and OC. I asked a few taco trucks and the revelation to me was that most of the taco truck operators in Seattle are from Southern Mexico while majority in SoCal are from Northern Mexico or Mexico City. Maybe this is why it's harder to find a good Al Pastor (which i also crave)

          2. El Agave Mexican Cuisine is at the Ballard Farmer's market and has the real deal. Pork sliced and spit roasted with a pineapple on top. Excellent and very authentic.

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            1. re: magfoodguy

              This is huge! I will need to check this out and report back.

              1. re: phinious

                I can't wait to get another fix tommorow!

            2. Taqueria Sanchez in Renton is a small butcher and taqueria. Had tacos al pastor today and they were quite yummy. I'll def go back when I'm in the neighborhood - up the hill from Fry's etc.

              1. I like the tacos al pastor at Laredos Grill but I have no point of reference to tell you if they are authentic. They do have the pork on an upright rotisserie with a pineapple on top and include pineapple in the tacos.

                I have mostly have them at Happy Hour where you get 3 small tacos cheap with cilantro and onion, pico de gallo on the side.