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Mar 8, 2008 04:45 PM

Crispo or Supper after theater dinner....

We only have three nights in the city and it's so hard to pick the places we want to dine. Hubby and I happed upon Supper last trip and LOVED it. We are seeing JUMP at Union Square Theater in two weeks, and it's been advised that we should consider Campanile. But, hubby really is looking forward to a visit to Supper again (and visit to neighborhood bar next door....)....but Crispo sounds so yummy. Comparing the two for three to dine (mom will be joining us), which would you advise? I like that we can make reservations at Crispo--not an option at Supper.

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  1. I haven't been to Supper, but I'd always recommend Crispo. My parents enjoyed it when I took them there.

    1. Hey twoblue, I have reservatons pre theatre at Crispo because of the arancini, rice balls which I asked about here. I looked at Supper and Zagat says their pasta is good. but if you are only here three days you don't want to wait on a line. I am coming the 18th. What is JUMP. I am seeing a preview of Gypsy and Jersey boys. so Italian food is good lol If we are hungry after our 5pm empty dining room res, we will go to Florent.

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        Jump is an off-broadway show that "brings the combination of slapstick comedy, acrobatics and martial arts to the stage in a spectacle that has been described as "Jackie Chan meets Charlie Chaplin."

        I definitely think I'm leaning toward Crispo--it will be something new--something I try to do each visit to NYC, and it sounds fabulous. Having a reservation is a huge plus!

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          i highly rec Crispo. went fr my b-day and it was delish. great pastas. must try the carbonara !!! how many people will you have? if 5 or over ask for the semi private room in the front dining area. feel like you are eating in a box car...AND you get away from some of the noise.

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            Crispo is so good. We live 2 blocks away and dine there frequently. It is always delicious and out of the ordinary. If they have the foie gras appetizer, as they only do sometimes, it is a must have.

        2. Thanks for the feedback. Is this a walkable distance from the Union Square Theater at 17th btwn Park Avenue and Irving Place, or should we just hail a cab?

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            It's about a 10 to 15 minute walk. A cab would be $5 or less.

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Ps. they said I had to wait until 2009 to see JB. I guess it is a good excuse to come back and eat in NY lol