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Mar 8, 2008 04:37 PM

Boiled peanuts

Does anyone know of a place where they sell boil peanuts in the South FL area? I used to purchased them roadside outside of Palatka, FL, eat them on the way to Cresent Beach along with beer. A guy would boil them in a pot along the side of the road and I'd get a brown paper bag full of them.

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  1. Yes: there is a man in a wheelchair in front of the Broward County Courthouse at 201 SE 6th Street, Fort Lauderdale, on a daily basis M - F who has boiled peanuts for sale.

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      I need to get up to Broward. Have some boiled pnuts and Skyline Chili

    2. I'm in SW Florida but wanted to tell you that over here, the boiled peanuts show up in some convenience stores or quik-marts. We have an independently-owned one in our neighborhood and they sell boiled peanuts in the back of the store. There might be such a similar situation in your area.

      1. There aren't many real "southerners" in South Florida....So finding good, green, boiled peanuts here in South Florida might be difficult....Afterall...Miami is known as the "6th Burrough".....Take the suggestions given already and hope for the best......I just wait for my mother in law to come down from Blackshear, Georgia.....and hers are pretty good....if you like spectacular!!...Good Luck!!


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          Actually saw a sign for Boiled Peanuts over at the Robert is Here market in Homestead this past weekend

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            I'm not surprised!...Robert Moehling and I have been the best of friends for many years....We both own(ed) landmark businesses in the South Dade area for years....His milkshakes are to die for....My favorite is Key Lime.....If you haven't been to Robert Is Here...This is a great time of the year to go....


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              Actually, the weather is what got me out there this weekend. i agree, it's perfect for it. Second the shakes if you're going to make it over there for the peanuts. Guava's not quite ripe yet though.

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            I am a Fl native and have succeeded in getting my native Ny'er husband addicted to boiled peanuts.
            You can get the green ones in the grocery store or produce market in season or you can get the Hawk's brand at a lot of convenience stores. I like the spicy cajun ones. Fortunately they are not hard to find in Tampa.

          3. If you've been to Crescent Beach, I would guess you would know where Deland and Deleon Springs is. I could be wrong.

            I know for a fact that there is always an elderly couple who sells boiled and roasted peanuts on the side of the road in Barberville, FL. Barberville is in between Pierson and Deleon Springs. Usually, it's a woman selling them whenever I would pick up some peanuts. She's usually there everyday of the week. I think it's best to go there around the afternoon time. She's down 40 past the Barberville Kangaroo Gas Station. So if you're going towards Ormond Beach on 40, you should be heading in the right direction.

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              There are two different kinds of boiled peanuts here in florida. The back of the quicky mart or sold on the side of the road.

              I always like the stands on the side of the road. After traveling throughout florida I can honestly say the best are found in Zellwood Florida at a produce stand on none other than the orange blossom trail or hwy 441. This guy is Authentic!!! he builds a fire every morning and boils the peanuts in old beer keg with the top removed! If you show up around 2pm they are finished. These peanuts are cooked with fresh jallepeno's and onions in salt water. There is also another good stand between sanford and Mt dora on hwy 46. They have a few more variaties like cajun and peanuts cooked with potatoes and corn. All are very good!!
              I have yet to find better!

              1. re: mountdorahound

                there was (couple of years ago) an old man with no teeth(and half a leg) who sells jumbo boiled (with ham hocks and garlic) peanuts out of 55 gal drum on the west side of US 27 just north of Winter Haven. there are uncommonly fabulous.

            2. I saw a few road side stands yesterday on US 1 around Hobe Sound.