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Mar 8, 2008 04:17 PM

Best Vegan/Vegetarian Places around DC, and Baltimore?

Come Memorial Day, this NYCer is going to visit my best friend in D.C.

I'm vegan, and she's just started to experiment with going vegetarian. I really want to treat her to a delicious vegetarian dinner, just to show her how good it can be. Any recommendations as to the best places to go?

One side note: though I'm definitely open to places with vegetarian options (ethnic or otherwise), I kind of want a place that more or less *specializes* in vegetarian/vegan cuisine...just because I think that's what she'd like to try.

Thanks in advance for any info...!


Janet (GG)

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    1. Janet,
      I know DC is no NYC but being a vegan for 20 plus years we do alright down here! Stickyfingers bakery if your in the mood for sweets I hear is fabulous (personally I like making my own, no gluten or margarine that way!) For real food, Sunflower Cafe is asian inspired but also have burgers and things but all vegetarian and mostly vegan (some raw too) Vegetate is supposedly awesome, but they're a bit expensive but you should take a look at their menu, really great stuff . For breakfast and good drinks Java green is great! Several pizza places offer vegan cheeses : . For a place closer to Baltimore , . Veggie chinese place in rockville ... Well if you need any more suggestions just post back! Hope this helped!

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        I had high hope for Sticky Fingers, but was sorely disappointed by their cakes. The two I tried -- strawberry shortcake and the chocolate cake -- were VERY sweet. The shortcake in particular is sweetest cake I had from the stores in the area :( and the chocolate cake had a very weird, nasty taste that I don't associate with chocolate. Their sandwiches, on the other hand, were superb (for a vegan version). The lettuce and the tomato were fresh and crisp but not soggy and the 'bacon' tasted, surprisingly, somewhat bacon in a pleasant way.

      2. Amma Vegetarian Kitchen in Georgetown. Also, the majority of the Indian places here have a ton of veggie offerings which, although i'm not a vegetarian, i frequently choose because they are the best things on the menu. I second the Sunflower rec; for those of us who 'swing both ways', you cant even tell some of the tofu dishes aren't meat. That might be good for your friend who is experimenting. Enjoy!
        oh and for breakfast, or lunch, if you are in dupont circle or penn quarter check out Teaism. Their teas are wonderful and they have several veg offerings for breakfast & lunch (i love the cilantro scrambled eggs...not sure if you eat eggs??)
        And if you eat 'regular' baked goods, the salty oak cookies are heavenly dunked in a cup of tea!

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        1. re: DCDOLL

          Hey - thanks all...Vegetate and Sunflower are sounding pretty good. I'm leaning towards Sunflower, because the descriptions sound so good, and all the raw options seem delish, too. (Stickyfingers is probably out...she's on a diet, and veggie desserts are fattening, after all.) Did some searching on the web, and found this site, which seems like a DC variation on NYs (which is a great site, BTW).:

          At first glance, it looks pretty helpful. I'm really looking forward to this, and the chance to finally introduce her to the possibilities of vegetarian/vegan cuisine...! (Actually, a good scrambled tofu might be a good idea. She told me earlier on the phone that she "couldn't imagine giving up eggs"...but with the right scrambled tofu meal, who knows...?

        2. Yuan Fu on Rockville Pike near the intersection with Viers Mill Road.

          1. Dieting shouldn't stand in the way of Sticky Fingers! Its the best way to help someone realize how delicious (although, granted, unhealthy) vegan treats can be.

            You can make it up by eating a light lunch at Java Green, which is a coffe shop/cafe place downtown that has excellent food (and I think everything is vegan).

            Also check out Asylum in Adams Morgan. Its not a place for a fancy dinner but for the novelty of vegan "bar food", inclduing wings and nachos, and they have a vegan brunch on weekends where you could have that scrambled tofu.

            For for nice dinner you probably have indetified the best places, Vegitate and Sunflower.