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Mar 8, 2008 04:16 PM

Creole Vegetarian?

While we're in town next week, we'll be hosting an out-of-town vegetarian friend at lunch. We never eat vegetarian in NOLA, so we're clueless. Any stellar suggestions? We'd like food with a creole flair, not ethnic that you can find anywhere in the USA.

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  1. Try the Cajun Kosher Kitchen - great food! Shellfish is taboo in Kosher cooking and they make great NOLA standbys. Last time I was there was pre - Katrina and I hope it is still there...good luck!

    1. Matt n Naddies had some good veggie stuff last time I was there.

      1. Since you will be in town during lent, see if anyone has Gumbo Z'herbs on the menu. That is a traditional cajun dish made with different greens and no meat( it's lent). I don't know of anyplace that has it on a regular basis, but I'm sure someone on the board can help you. Good Luck.

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          The Gumbo Shop on St Peter (close to Jackson Square) has Gumbo Z'herbs on a regular basis. What we had a really difficult time finding was any version of a vegetarian red beans and rice!

        2. Praline Connection on Frenchman offers a few different greens and beans and rice options that are vegetarian, though I wouldn't call them stellar by any means. Though I haven't been since the storm, I always found that Herbsaint had at least one delicious vegitarian option on their menu, I assume that would carry through lunch as well. But as a general rule, most restaurants will also be happy to make something if you call them ahead of time and tell the chef that you are travelling with a vegitarian (though again, I haven't tried this too often with lunch)