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Mar 8, 2008 04:14 PM

Oyster Po'boy better than Acme?

We've always gone to Acme, but are we just dumb tourists? Anything better?

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  1. For the sake of variety, you might want to head Uptown and try Casamento's Oyster "Loaf."

    The restaurant is on Magazine Street, near the corner of Napoleon Avenue. Either grab a taxi, or take the St. Charles streetcar up to Napoleon Avenue, then hoof it over to Magazine (about a 10-minute stroll).

    Domilese's is another good Uptown seafood po'boy option, but take a cab.


    4330 Magazine St. (at Napoleon)
    Closed Monday

    5240 Annunciation (at Bellecastle)
    Phone ahead -- I think they're closed Thursday and Sunday

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    1. re: SBrooksB

      Frankie and Johnny's also has a good oyster poboy, but if you're going to come uptown, you might as well go to Casamento's. Crabby Jack's and Parkway Bakery are probably your best bets, but they'll take some effort to get to. Jack's is lunch only, and I think parkway closes the kitchen at 8 p.m.

      1. re: SBrooksB

        Domilese's is another good Uptown seafood po'boy option = not good way overated

      2. Parkway Bakery
        Guy's Poboys on Magazine

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        1. re: Hungry Celeste

          Crabby Jack's.
          Garlic oyster po boy at Liuzza's by the Track.

          1. re: mikemill

            I second mikemill's suggestions, Liuzza's by the Track's garlic oyster is not to be missed, one of my favorites.

        2. i second all the suggestions mentioned here and add ye olde college inn on south carrollton to the mix.

          1. All I know is the oysters and po boys at Acme were pretty friggen good. :)

            1. B.ozos, 21st St., Metairie