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Mar 8, 2008 03:52 PM

I want my coffee : no starbucks , no peets

I'm talking no big chains. If I'm going to chalk up 4 bucks for a latte ( for that amount I could buy a whole gallon of milk ) where should I go? Looking for consistent quality, easy calm atmosphere, friendly baristas and free wi-fi would make it superb.

Any ideas? Looking in East Bay like Concord, Walnut Creek, Alamo etc

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. What about Guerilla cafe in North Berkeley? They serve Blue Bottle. The place is small and I don't know the prices but BB is delicious.

      Also, I realize this is far, but the little coffee place at Toby's in Point Reyes Station does something amazing with espresso!

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      1. re: sailorbuoys

        just curious -- what is the little coffee place @ Toby's doing? They use Taylor Maid, no?

      2. Caffe Trieste on San Pablo and Nomad Cafe.

        1. Pacific Bay Coffee in Walnut Creek is a place east of the Caldecott that has garnered some positive mentions here.

          Pacific Bay Coffee Co
          1495 Newell Ave, Walnut Creek, CA 94596

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          1. re: hohokam

            I will second the recommendation for Pacific Bay, a gem among a total wasteland.

            1. re: chipman

              I will third Pacific Bay. I just discovered it. Next best thing to Blue Bottle IMO. They roast their beans in-store (you can see the machine they roast in towards the front of the store. And they do foam art on top of the espresso drinks, which I always enjoy.

              1. re: Ozumo

                What beans do you recommend at Pacific Bay? So far, I've tried the Mexican and an Ethiopian (Yirg?), but neither has been anywhere close to as good as Blue Bottle.

                1. re: jmarek

                  Oh, I meant for espresso drinks; I like their espresso shots and lattes. I don't own a burr grinder, so I never buy really good beans to make at home, I just use stuff from TJ. I like to go to caffes for the best stuff where it will be fresher.

                  And I agree, BB is much better, but there's no BB out here. :-( PB is just the best thing we have out in Walnut Creek area. Oh well, BB is always a good excuse to hop on BART and hit the FP farmer's market...

          2. One of my friends mentioned " Its a Grind " in walnut creek. Has anyone heard of this? Apparently its hidden in the Nob Hill Foods Shopping Center on Oak Grove....