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Mar 8, 2008 03:50 PM

I need an Easter Sunday idea in Palm Harbor area

We're flying down to celebrate Mom's 80th Birthday. The big "do" is Saturday. Mom just told me she would like to do "something" on Sunday, too, but probably NOT going out. There will probably be 8-12 people around, Mom lives in a small condo and doesn't really like people messing around in her kitchen. I'm thinking the best thing might be to pick up some food somewhere, but I don't know the area and Mom isn't much help...

I know this is all rather vague, and Easter certainly complicates things, but If anybody out there has any thoughts I would be REALLY grateful!


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  1. There are Honeybaked Ham locations in both Clearwater & Port Richey. Not the least expensive, but they have about everything you would need. If you go this route, call in a reservation asap - they get swamped with orders. There is a Fresh Market in the Clearwater too, they do party trays & complete Holiday dinners. Both Clearwater options are o US 19, a little south of countryside mall. I always heard Innisbrook was good, but never ate there. Not sure if they do a catered meal to be picked up. Plenty of Publix locations that would have options. Best wishes on your Mothers 80th! What a wonderful occasion for a get together.

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      Thanks so much, meatn3! That's really helpful info. I'll look into those options today.