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Mar 8, 2008 03:15 PM

Trader Joe's Low Sodium Soup

Trader Joe's recently introduced a new line of low sodium organic soups that are really good. Most prepared soups are loaded with sodium, generally ranging from 500-1200 mg per serving--up to 50% of the recommended daily sodium allowance. Many soups that are labeled as "low sodium" still have 400-600 mg per serving and the really low sodium soups tend to be tastless. TJ's organic tomato, squash and tomato/red pepper soups have 140mg of sodium/serving and are delicious. For people on a low sodium diet like me, they are really welcome. Even if you're not on a low sodium diet, the amount of sodium in normal prepared soups is bad for you. My only personal stake is that I want TJ's to continue stocking this product and introduce more flavors. Try it, you'll like it.

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  1. I'm guessing this will be moved to a different thread, but I wanted to comment that I don't think the popularity of an item necessarily influences whether Trader Joe's keeps something in stock in perpetuity.

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      These days, I think popularity is the main criterion. I see far less of those one-time great buys than in years past.

    2. My 6 year old son actually really likes these. I NEVER buy packaged soups because it is so easy to whip up, but I did once when time and ingredients were in short supply and he liked it so much, that for the price, I go ahead and get a box to keep for a quick lunch. I was pleasantly surprised. Not the best soup I've ever had, but not bad.

      1. im gonna have to try these since i havnt perfected my own low sodium recipe and something as convenient as a soup in a can is hard to come by low in sodium. thank you

        1. I'll have to try those.

          Have you tried the low sodium "garden patch" think V8 juice, I can't believe that it is low sodium, I hate low sodium products usually, but this is good, I would eat it as a soup, as a matter of fact, I think that it would make a good veg soup base.

          1. These are a staple of my lunch. I do the Low Sodium tomato soup, a little bit of frozen brown rice and two turkey meatballs for a tasty and filling lunch....