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Original Tommy's

mostly southern cali chain of burger joints... they are opening a spot in LV, near Sam's Town Casino (Boulder Hwy).... wanted to know if they were comparable to IN-N-OUT, Fatburger??? Thanks, peace and chicken wings!!!:) http://www.originaltommys.com/burger.php

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  1. no

    But that are a tradition and craving.

    1. Never had a Fatburger and definitely not in the same league as In N Out, but then I am glad of that. When eating a Tommy burger, you need to get the chili burger with everything on it including tomatoes and pickles.

      1. There is NOTHING like a Tommy burger. When you go, make sure you grab a BUNCH of napkins, and lean forward when you eat, so you don't drip stuff all over yourself. Also, don't dally when you eat it, because you may not want to eat the chili after it has cooled. Given the choice between In-N-Out or Tommy's, I think I'd take Tommy's two out of every three times. Of course, that could be simply because I can't get a Tommy burger more than once or twice a year (geographically challenged), but there's an In-N-Out just a couple miles away from me.

        1. Tommy's is where you go after all the bars have closed and you are feeling no pain. If anyone tells you it is good food, they have succumbed to an urban legend, or have never ate there sober. Their chili is disgusting.

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            That's why you have to eat the chili while it's still warm! Ever seen a cold blob of it?

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              They have one at the Outlets in Barstow and I weakened and pulled in some time back instead of going to In-n-Out. Memories of the drive over to Rampart decades ago floating in my head I suppose. It was truly vile.

            2. Aaaah, Tommy's! When I lived in L.A. it was THE place to go after concerts at the Sports Arena, or anytime we needed a dose of "so gross, but so good" chili burgers. When I moved East 18 years ago I made my brother take me to Tommy's for a farewell burger. I figured there was a pretty good chance I wouldn't make it back before I was too old to be able to tolerate that chili. Oh to be young and have a cast-iron stomach again!

              1. The original Tommy's on Rampart is indeed unique, and I've even enjoyed chiliburgers there at lunch when I'm famished but quite sober. That location has the business and the turnover so the line making the burgers never lets up, so they are hot and fresh.

                What confuses me is the conglomeration of offshoots: Tommy's, Tomy's, Big Tomy's, etc. There is a hut in Westwood Village that cooks up some pretty good burgers, but they don't do the thick-cut tomato like the original and their orangeish chili is bland, goopy, and makes everything it touches insipid. There is another bordering the freeway at Pico and Sawtelle that seems to specialize in breakfast, and another on Lincoln south of Pico in Santa Monica, but I haven't really sampled them yet.

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                  I used to go to the original on Rampart for years when I worked downtown. I have been to many of the other locations and find them all just as good as the original. Their chili is made at a central location, the meat patties are all the same, buns are the same, cheese too and they make them as you order them so it is unlikely thay they would vary much from one location to another.

                2. Make sure it's the REAL "Tommy's" (their logo has a little stylized house). With the success of the Beverly/Rampart original -- and subsequent legit branches -- several counterfeits arose -- Tomi's, Tommy's No. 2, etc.

                  Instead of napkins, they hand out paper towels. Their chili cheesburger is sloppy, like the Carls Jr. ones discussed in another current thread.

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