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Mar 8, 2008 02:43 PM

Good Whiskey in Atlanta

What's the best liquor store in the greater ATL area? I am specifically looking for selection of domestic and imported whiskeys.

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  1. Tower on Piedmont is my favorite store.

    1. Secondary question . . .where can I find Cheerwine in a bottle in ATL? (The cane sugar kind, as opposed to corn syrup)

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        Well, I went to and it looks like you might have to go to Toccoa to get some, or Macon or Savannah. It doesn't look like there's a distributor in Atlanta.
        I might be wrong. Good luck!

      2. I have no clue about Cheerwine- any grocery store is as good a bet as anything else, as far as I know.

        Other liquor stores- Green's on Buford Hwy (or Ponce); Tower on Buford Hwy (OTP); Toco Giant in Toco Hills.

        Pearson's used to have the best Scotch selection in town. But their prices are dear, and the last couple times I've been in, it looked like they'd cut their inventory in half.